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Limiting Coherent Longitudinal Beam Oscillations i ... EC BNL-215885-2020-TECH Podobedov, Boris
Blaskiewicz, Michael
04/28/20 04/28/20 PDF File
Requirements to the cooling section solenoidal fie ... EC BNL-216176-2020-TECH Seletskiy, Sergey
Kayran, D.
04/13/20 07/16/20 PDF File
EIC low energy cooler: Requirements to uniformity ... EC BNL-216177-2020-TECH Seletskiy, Sergey
05/06/20 07/16/20 PDF File
Effect of hadron-electron focusing in EIC low ener ... EC BNL-216178-2020-TECH Seletskiy, Sergey
06/07/20 07/16/20 PDF File
The Green ring reference survey EC BNL-216180-2020-TECH Peggs, Stephen
Deitrick, K; Holmes, D; Liu, C; Lovelace III, H; T ...
06/17/20 07/16/20 PDF File
Resistive wall heating in the copper-coated beampi ... EC BNL-219910-2020-TECH Verdu-Andres, Silvia
09/30/20 10/02/20 PDF File
High-frequency Impedance of Asymmetric Collimators ... EC BNL-219912-2020-TECH Podobedov, Boris
09/30/20 10/02/20 PDF File
Simulation of Polarized Electron Bunch Acceleratio ... EC BNL-219926-2020-TECH Meot, F
Ranjbar, V.
09/15/20 10/05/20 PDF File
Radial Shift Lattice Design using BMAD toolkit EC BNL-220581-2020-TECH Lovelace III, Henry
Dietrick, K; Drees, A; Gamage, B; Liu, C; Luo, Y; ...
11/02/20 11/04/20 PDF File
Longitudinal space charge kick in Coherent Electro ... EC BNL-220638-2020-TECH Wang, Erdong
Blaskiewicz, M; Stupakov, G.V.; Baxevanis, P; Ber ...
11/13/20 11/16/20 PDF File
Low energy cooling for Electron Ion Collider EC BNL-220686-2020-TECH Fedotov, Alexei
Benson, S; Bruker, M; Gu, X; Gulliford, C; Guo, J ...
12/10/20 12/07/20 PDF File
Ring-based electron cooler for EIC EC BNL-220731-2020-TECH Zhao, He Kewisch, Jorg
Blaskiewicz, M; Fedotov, A.
12/18/20 12/17/20 PDF File
Design of electron storage ring for high-energy EI ... EC BNL-220732-2020-TECH Kewisch, Jorg
Zhao, H; Blaskiewicz. M; Fedotov, A.
12/22/20 12/17/20 PDF File
Double Quarter Wave Crab Cavity Wire Stretching Me ... EC BNL-220782-2021-TECH Wu, Qiong
Xin, T; Xiao, B.
09/18/20 01/08/21 PDF File
Effect of coherent excitation in coherent electron ... AD BNL-221759-2021-TECH Seletskiy, Sergey
Fedotov, A; Kayran, D.
06/23/21 07/01/21 PDF File
Transverse Beam Tails and Beam Lifetime in the EIC ... EC BNL-221762-2021-TECH Montag, Christoph
07/01/21 07/01/21 PDF File
High power coupler development for EIC EC BNL-221833-2021-TECH Xu, Wencan
Fite, J; Holmes, D; Conway, Z; Smith, K; Zaltsman, ...
07/19/21 07/19/21 PDF File
Three dimensional coherent electron cooling withou ... EC BNL-222038-2021-TECH Blaskiewicz, Michael
08/24/21 08/25/21 PDF File
High current, high-temperature operation test of t ... EC BNL-222166-2021-TECH Than, Roberto Verdu-Andres, Silvia
Berg, S; Bruno, D; Gupta, R; Heppner, G; Marus ...
09/21/21 09/24/21 PDF File
3D Theoretical and simulation tools for microbunch ... EC BNL-222168-2021-TECH Baxevanis, Panagiotis
09/23/21 09/24/21 PDF File
ESR Magnet vibrational specifications for dynamic ... EC BNL-222179-2021-TECH Podobedov, Boris
Marx, Daniel
09/01/21 09/28/21 PDF File
Instabilities driven by the fundamental crabbing m ... EC BNL-222221-2021-TECH Blaskiewicz, Michael
10/05/21 10/06/21 PDF File
Pathways for a compact double-quarter wave cavity ... EC BNL-222325-2021-TECH Verdu-Andres, Silvia
Xiao, Binping
09/29/21 10/25/21 PDF File
Electron Ion Collider Machine Protection System: O ... EC BNL-222326-2021-TECH Seletskiy, Sergei
Drees, A; Blednykh, A; Robert-Demolaize, G; Shrey, ...
07/16/20 10/25/21 PDF File
Electron Ion Collider Machine Protection System: R ... EC BNL-222327-2021-TECH Seletskiy, Sergei
Drees, A.
07/14/20 10/25/21 PDF File
Task Force Report: ESR Linear Lattice Design EC BNL-222485-2021-TECH Marx, Daniel
Montag, C; Berg, JS; Kewsich, J; Lii, Y; Ptitsyn, ...
12/09/21 12/13/21 PDF File
EIC Transverse emittance growth due to crab cavity ... EC BNL-222748-2022-TECH Smith, Kevin
Mastoridis, T; Fuller, P; Mahvi, P; Matsumura, Y.
02/09/22 02/10/22 PDF File
Thermal conductivity of RHIC superconducting magne ... EC BNL-222821-2022-TECH Lu, Jun Verdu-Andres, Silvia
03/03/22 03/03/22 PDF File
A skew quadrupole for the AGS to minimize the pola ... AD BNL-222839-2022-TECH Tsoupas, Nicholaos
Badea, V; Bellavia, S; Huang, H; Lehn, D; Lynch, R ...
03/04/22 03/07/22 PDF File
Thermal analysis of RHIC arc dipole magnet cold ma ... EC BNL-222933-2022-TECH Nayak, Sumanta
Verdu-Andres, S; Mapes, M; Tuozzolo, J; Weiss, D.
04/11/22 04/12/22 PDF File
Useful formulas for non-magnetized electron coolin ... AD BNL-222963-2022-TECH Seletskiy, Sergei
Fedotov, A.
09/16/22 04/26/22 PDF File
Proton-electron focusing in EIC ring cooler EC BNL-222987-2022-TECH Seletskiy, Sergei
Fedotov, A; Kayran, D; Kewisch, J.
05/06/22 05/10/22 PDF File
Spin resonance canceling lattice cell design princ ... EC BNL-223243-2022-TECH Ranjbar, Vahid
12/21/22 08/04/22 PDF File
Radial-offset Optics in EIC Hadron Lattices. Traje ... EC BNL-223253-2022-TECH Meot, F
Robert-Demolaize, G.
08/31/20 08/11/22 PDF File
Noise driven emittance growth with coherent forces ... EC BNL-223338-2022-TECH Blaskiewicz, Michael
08/20/22 09/06/22 PDF File
The feasibility of electron beam slip stacking in ... EC BNL-223339-2022-TECH Ubadike, Nkeiru Ranjbar, Vahid
08/26/22 09/06/22 PDF File
Simulation of the RF system with reversed phasing EC BNL-223347-2022-TECH Blednykh, A.
Blaskiewicz, M; Lindberg, R.
09/13/22 09/13/22 PDF File
Coherent wiggler radiation impedance at the storag ... EC BNL-223400-2022-TECH Blednykh, A.
Blaskiewicz, M; Zhou, D.
09/15/22 09/16/22 PDF File
Synchronizing ESR and HSR for collisions at IP6 an ... EC BNL-223427-2022-TECH Berg, J.
Gamage, B; Lovelace III, H; Marx, D; Montag, C; Pe ...
09/23/22 09/22/22 PDF File
Explicit formulas for redistribution of cooling ra ... AD BNL-223540-2022-TECH Seletskiy, Sergei
09/27/22 10/05/22 PDF File
Eddy current studies for the beam screen of the El ... EC BNL-223589-2022-TECH Verdu-Andres, Silvia
Witte, H.
09/30/22 10/12/22 PDF File
Redistribution of cooling rates for electron bunch ... AD BNL-223860-2023-TECH Seletskiy, Sergei
01/03/23 01/05/23 PDF File
EIC Machine Protection System: safe operation of R ... EC BNL-223861-2023-TECH Seletskiy, Sergei
12/21/22 01/05/23 PDF File
Time-domain simulation of the crab cavity/beam int ... EC BNL-224087-2023-TECH Mastoridis, T. Smith, Kevin
Hidalgo, T; Loe, T; Toivola, M.
02/17/23 02/28/23 PDF File
HSR transition jump optics in the September 2022 l ... EC BNL-224134-2023-TECH Peggs, Stephen
Drees, A; Lovelace III, H; Robert-Demolaize, G.
03/14/23 03/14/23 PDF File
A numerical evaluation of the ambient air temperat ... EC BNL-224169-2023-TECH Letourneau, Emma Srinivasan, Ram
08/11/22 03/23/23 PDF File
Availability and redundancy design considerations ... EC BNL-224171-2023-TECH Vijaya Kumar, Thea Srinivasan, Ram
04/27/22 03/23/23 PDF File
Computational fluid dynamic modeling to determine ... EC BNL-224172-2023-TECH Norman, Logan Srinivasan, Ram
04/27/22 03/23/23 PDF File
Fluid dynamic simulation and analysis of water-coo ... EC BNL-224173-2023-TECH Vijaya Kumar, Thea Srinivasan, Ram
DeRienzis, J.
08/13/21 03/23/23 PDF File
03/28/23 03/30/23 PDF File
Thermal simulation of the HSR arc BPM Module for E ... EC BNL-224218-2023-TECH Micolon, Frederic
Gassner, D; Hetzel, C; Pinayev, I; Sangroula, M; V ...
01/18/23 04/11/23 PDF File
Site Ambient Temperatures and Operating Schedules ... EC BNL-224219-2023-TECH Srinivasan, Ram
11/30/21 04/11/23 PDF File
Recovering the Waste Energy from the Electron-Ion ... EC BNL-224220-2023-TECH Srinivasan, Ram
04/03/23 04/11/23 PDF File
Electron Cloud Simulations for the Electron-Ion Co ... EC BNL-224221-2023-TECH Gu, Xiaofeng
Blednykh, A; Blaskiewicz, M; Robert-Demolaize, G; ...
11/30/22 04/11/23 PDF File
ESR Dipole Power Supply Current Ripple and Noise S ... EC BNL-224464-2023-TECH Podobedov, Boris
Blaskiewicz, M; Luo, Y; Marx, D; Montag, C; Xu, D. ...
05/23/23 06/01/23 PDF File
Evaluation of baseline 5-cell cavity for EIC RCS, ... EC BNL-224465-2023-TECH Xu, Wencan
Guo, J; Rimmer, R; Zaltsman, A; Smith, K; Daly, E. ...
05/31/23 06/01/23 PDF File
On polarization and snake arrangements in RHIC: Ca ... EC BNL-224546-2023-TECH Meot, F
05/15/23 06/22/23 PDF File
A Simplified Method to Evaluate Energy Life Cycle ... EC BNL-224547-2023-TECH Srinivasan, Ram
06/09/23 06/22/23 PDF File
Berg, J.S.; Bhandari, B; Hamdi, K; Holmes, D; Kews ...
06/21/23 06/22/23 PDF File
Effect of emittance on performance of CeC scheme AD BNL-224584-2023-TECH Seletskiy, Sergei
Kayran, D; Wang, G.
07/11/23 07/13/23 PDF File
Electron cloud thresholds at the arcs of the Elect ... EC BNL-224588-2023-TECH Verdu-Andres, Silvia
06/28/23 07/13/23 PDF File
Gamelin, A.
08/21/23 09/12/23 PDF File
Project FELICIA - A probe to survey the RHIC magne ... EC BNL-224789-2023-TECH Micolon, Frederic
Bellon, J; Gallagher, B; Hetzel, C; Holmes, D; Pti ...
06/15/23 09/12/23 PDF File
Preliminary Shielding Analysis for the 1012 400 Me ... EC BNL-224791-2023-TECH Schaefer, Charles
09/08/23 09/12/23 PDF File
LASER-INDUCED POLARIZATION FOR THE ELECTRON-ION CO ... EC BNL-224820-2023-TECH Ranjbar, Katherine Ranjbar, Vahid
Synder, E; Synder A.
09/19/23 09/21/23 PDF File
Updates on the Wake Potential Calculations for the ... EC BNL-224859-2023-TECH Wang, Gang
Blednykh, A; Sangroula, M; Verdu-Andres, S.
09/22/23 09/28/23 PDF File
Design of a ring cooler for electron ion collider ... EC BNL-224861-2023-TECH Jing, Yichao
Pinayev, I.; Fedotov, A; Kewisch, J; Seletskiy
09/27/23 09/28/23 PDF File
09/27/23 09/28/23 PDF File
Bellon, J; Blaskiewicz, M; Blednykh, A; Braunius, ...
09/29/23 10/17/23 PDF File
Eddy Current Shielding of the Magnetic Field Rippl ... EC BNL-224904-2023-TECH Podobedov, Boris
Blaskiewicz, M.
09/30/23 10/17/23 PDF File
A Damping Ring for the Rapid Cycling Synchrotron EC BNL-224949-2023-TECH Lovelace III, Henry
Kewisch, J.
10/19/23 10/29/23 PDF File
Resonance Island Jump theory for the HSR EC BNL-224979-2023-TECH Peggs, Stephen
Lovelace III, H; Robert-Demolaize, G; Satogata, T. ...
10/31/23 11/02/23 PDF File
Beam-induced heat deposited in the EIC HSR screens ... EC BNL-224980-2023-TECH Verdu-Andres, Silvia
Sangroula, M.
09/27/23 11/02/23 PDF File
Blednykh, A; Blaskiewiscz, M; Verdu-Andres, S.
01/08/24 01/09/24 PDF File
Generalized wakefield of a microbunched electron c ... EC BNL-225174-2024-TECH Baxevanis, Panagiotis
12/22/23 01/09/24 PDF File
Particles scattering in a HVDC gun EC BNL-225175-2024-TECH Wang, Erdong
01/05/24 01/09/24 PDF File
Recent Beam Stability Analysis for the EIC EC BNL-225295-2024-TECH Blednykh, A.
Blaskiewicz, M; Gu, X; Montag, C; Pinayev, I; Podo ...
12/15/23 02/06/24 PDF File