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Limiting Coherent Longitudinal Beam Oscillations in the EIC Electron Storage Ring

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Electron-Ion Collider (EC)
We study coherent longitudinal beam oscillations in the BNL EIC electron storage ring (ESR). We show that to avoid unacceptable hadron emittance growth due to finite crossing angle, the amplitude of these oscillations needs to be limited to a fraction of a millimeter. Using a simple analytical model we estimate the amplitude of these oscillations under the two scenarios: 1) the beam is passively stable and the oscillations are driven by RF phase noise only; 2) a coupled-bunch instability, presently expected in the ESR, is damped by a longitudinal feedback system. We finally show that, for the 2nd scenario, comfortable specifications for RF phase noise and feedback sensor noise will be sufficient to maintain the oscillation amplitude within the required limits.
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B. Podobedov
Blaskiewicz, Michael
Beam Oscillations