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Two design of the S4.BEN01 magnet for the CBETA sp ... AD BNL-113797-2017-TECH Tsoupas, N
Berg, S.; Meot, F.; Ptitsyn, V.; Trbojevic, D.; Tu ...
04/10/17 04/17/17 PDF File
Improving extraction efficiency of the third integ ... AD BNL-113708-2017-TECH Brown, K
Schoefer, V.; Tomizawa, M.
03/09/17 03/22/17 PDF File
Emittance growth due to multiple passes through H- ... AD BNL-113654-2017-TECH Gardner, C
03/02/17 03/06/17 PDF File
Error studies of Halbach Magnets AD BNL-114543-2017-TECH Brooks, S
03/02/17 11/07/17 PDF File
FFAG Cell Candidate February 2017 AD BNL-114541-2017-TECH Brooks, S
02/23/17 11/07/17 PDF File
Recombination monitor AD BNL-113601-2017-TECH Zhang, S
Blaskiewicz, M.
02/03/17 02/16/17 PDF File
Study of luminosity leveling with crossing angle f ... AD BNL-113507-2017-TECH Liu, C
Blackler, I.; Luo, Y.; Marusic, A.; Minty, M.; Ran ...
01/25/17 01/27/17 PDF File
Rematching AGS Booster synchrotron injection latti ... AD BNL-113508-2017-TECH Liu, C
Beebe-Wang, J.; Brown, K.; Gardner, C.; Huang, H.; ...
01/25/17 01/27/17 PDF File
Halbach Magnets for CBETA AD BNL-114540-2017-TECH Trbojevic, D
01/19/17 11/07/17 PDF File
Large amplitude motion in "BD v3 x3p9 y1p5 ... AD BNL-114539-2017-TECH Meot, F
01/14/17 11/07/17 PDF File
Survey Draft AD BNL-114528-2017-TECH Karl, F
Trbojevic, D.
01/12/17 11/03/17 PDF File
Magnet design for the splitter/combiner regions of ... AD BNL-114521-2017-TECH Crittendon, J
Burke, D.C.;,Fuentes, Y.L.P.; Mayes, C.E.; Smolens ...
01/06/17 11/03/17 PDF File
Spin resonance free electron ring injector AD BNL-203602-2018-TECH Ranjbar, Vahid
Blaskiewicz, M.; Meot, F.; Montag, C. Tepikian, S. ...
01/03/17 05/02/18 PDF File
Halbach Magnets for CBETA AD BNL-114527-2017-TECH Trbojevic, D
12/30/16 11/03/17 PDF File
Magnet and lattice specifications for the CBETA fi ... AD BNL-114507-2017-TECH Brooks, Stephen
12/29/16 11/02/17 PDF File
Report on LEReC Recombination Monitor APEX Study o ... AD BNL-113384-2016-TECH Drees, A
Bruno, D.; Curcio, T.; Montag, C.; Robert-Demolaiz ...
12/21/16 12/28/16 PDF File
Halbach magnets risks and challenges AD BNL-114510-2017-TECH Brooks, Stephen
12/15/16 11/02/17 PDF File
Beam energy scan with asymmetric collision at RHIC ... AD BNL-113241-2016-TECH Liu, C
Alessi, J.; Beebe, E.; Blaskiewicz, M.; Brennan, J ...
11/15/16 11/17/16 PDF File
IBS simulation with different RF configurations in ... AD BNL-113205-2016-TECH Liu, C
Fedotov, A.; Minty, M.; Ptitsyn, V.
11/07/16 11/07/16 PDF File
A summary of an inter-directorate C-AD/NSTD 'Accel ... AD BNL-113200-2016-TECH Meot, F
Aronson, A.; Bai, M.; Brown, D.; Brown, N.; Haj Ta ...
11/04/16 11/07/16 PDF File
Halbach magnets outline construction method AD BNL-114512-2017-TECH Brooks, Stephen
Trbojevic, D.; Tsoupas, N.; Mahler, G.
10/28/16 11/02/17 PDF File
Run 16 Tandem gold performance in the injectors an ... AD BNL-113151-2016-TECH Zeno, K
10/21/16 10/24/16 PDF File
FY2016 Parameters for deuterons and gold ions in B ... AD BNL-113146-2016-TECH Gardner, C
10/14/16 10/19/16 PDF File
FY2016 Parameters for gold ions in Booster, AGS, a ... AD BNL-113145-2016-TECH Gardner, C
10/11/16 10/19/16 PDF File
AGS vertical beta function measurements for Run 15 ... AD BNL-112740-2016-TECH Harper, C
Ahrens, L.; Huang, H.; Schoefer, V.
10/07/16 10/10/16 PDF File
Strategy for alignment of electron beam trajectory ... AD BNL-112720-2016-TECH Seletskiy, S
Blaskiewicz, M.; Fedotov, A.; Kayran, D.; Kewisch, ...
09/23/16 10/03/16 PDF File
Overview and analysis of the 2016 Gold Run in the ... AD BNL-112663-2016-TECH Zeno, K
09/16/16 09/19/16 PDF File
A close look at beam aborts with rise times less t ... AD BNL-112662-2016-TECH Drees, A
09/14/16 09/19/16 PDF File
Preliminary study of microbunching for CBETA arc AD BNL-211716-2019-TECH Tsai, Cheng-Ying Peggs, Stephen
Li, R.
08/30/16 05/22/19 PDF File
Double and triple-harmonic RF buckets and their us ... AD BNL-112605-2016-TECH Gardner, C
08/24/16 08/29/16 PDF File
Run 16, eIPM Summary AD BNL-112516-2016-TECH Connolly, R
Dawson, C.; Jao, S.; Schoefer, V.; Tepikian, S.
08/05/16 08/08/16 PDF File
A model of polarized-beam AGS in the ray-tracing c ... AD BNL-112453-2016-TECH Meot, F
Ahrens, L.; Brown, K.; Dutheil, Y.; Glenn, J.; Hua ...
07/12/16 07/14/16 PDF File
ER@CEBAF: A test of 5-pass energy recovery at CEBA ... AD BNL-112411-2016-TECH Meot, F
Bogacz, S.A.; Douglas, D.; Dubbe, C.; Hutton, A.; ...
06/06/16 07/07/16 PDF File
RHIC polarization decay in FY15 pp Run due to pola ... AD BNL-112271-2016-TECH Huang, H
Adams, P.
05/23/16 05/31/16 PDF File
Can YAG screen accept LEReC bunch train? AD BNL-112270-2016-TECH Seletskiy, S
Thieberger, P.; Miller, T.
05/18/16 05/31/16 PDF File
Simulation of 6 to 3 to 1 merge and squeeze of Au7 ... AD BNL-112197-2016-TECH Gardner, C
05/09/16 05/11/16 PDF File
ER@CEBAF: Modeling code developments AD BNL-112107-2016-TECH Meot, F
Roblin, Y.
04/13/16 04/20/16 PDF File
How to measure energy of LEReC electron beam with ... AD BNL-112105-2016-TECH Seletskiy, S
04/11/16 04/19/16 PDF File
Physical design of magnetic shielding for LEReC co ... AD BNL-112084-2016-TECH Seletskiy, S
Fedotov, A.; Gassner, D.; Kayran, D.; Mahler, G.; ...
04/05/16 04/12/16 PDF File
Transverse beam dynamics in non-linear Fixed Field ... AD BNL-111931-2016-TECH Haj Tahar, M
Meot, F.
03/02/16 03/04/16 PDF File
An electron storage ring proposal for the Ring-Rin ... AD BNL-111872-2016-TECH Tepikian, S
Blaskiewicz, M.; Montag, C.; Peggs, S.
02/22/16 02/22/16 PDF File
Detectors for low energy electron cooling in RHIC AD BNL-111866-2016-TECH Carlier, F
02/15/16 02/22/16 PDF File
Frequency choice of eRHIC SRF linac AD BNL-111776-2016-TECH Xu, W
Ben-Zvi, I.; Roser, T.; Ptitsyn, V.
01/05/16 01/19/16 PDF File
eRHIC ERL modeling in Zgoubi AD BNL-111832-2016-TECH Meot, F
Brooks, S.; Hao, Y.; Jing, Y.; Ptitsyn, V.; Trboje ...
01/01/16 02/09/16 PDF File
Au intensity enhancement for RHIC AD BNL-111650-2015-TECH Zhang, S
Huang, H.
12/09/15 12/09/15 PDF File
Decision on the number of turns in the eRHIC Nov15 ... AD BNL-111637-2015-TECH Brooks, S
12/01/15 12/03/15 PDF File
Impedance simulation for LEReC booster cavity tran ... AD BNL-111616-2015-TECH Liu, C
11/24/15 12/01/15 PDF File
Issues of incompatibility of dipole beam separatio ... AD BNL-111857-2016-TECH Aschenauer, E
Kiselev, A.; Parker, B.; Petti, R.
11/07/15 02/16/16 PDF File
Pressure distribution along the AGS vacuum chamber ... AD BNL-108555-2015-TECH Nayak, S
Mapes, M.; Smart, L.; Weiss, D.
10/28/15 10/28/15 PDF File
An overview of Booster and AGS polarized proton op ... AD BNL-108554-2015-TECH Zeno, K
10/20/15 10/28/15 PDF File
Report of the eRHIC Ring-Ring Working Group AD BNL-108524-2015-TECH Peggs, S
Aschenauer, E.C.; Berg, S.; Blaskiewicz, M.; Brenn ...
10/08/15 10/13/15 PDF File
Aluminum ion parameters for the 2015 PP-on-Al setu ... AD BNL-108533-2015-TECH Gardner, C
10/02/15 10/14/15 PDF File
Polarized proton parameters for the PP-on-Aluminum ... AD BNL-108534-2015-TECH Gardner, C
10/02/15 10/14/15 PDF File
Pin diode calibration - beam overlap monitoring fo ... AD BNL-108486-2015-TECH Drees, A
Montag, C.; Thieberger, P.
09/30/15 10/01/15 PDF File
Operation of the 56 MHz superconducting RF cavity ... AD BNL-108416-2015-TECH Wu, Q
Belomestnykh, S.; Ben-Zvi, I.; Blaskiewicz, M.; Ha ...
09/11/15 09/11/15 PDF File
Emittance preservation during bunch compression wi ... AD BNL-108396-2015-TECH Stratakis, D
09/02/15 09/09/15 PDF File
A hybrid approach for generating ultra-short bunch ... AD BNL-108395-2015-TECH Stratakis, D
09/01/15 09/09/15 PDF File
On the image of AGS 3He2+ no in the blue AD BNL-111993-2016-TECH Meot, F
Huang, H.; Tsoupas, N.
09/01/15 03/28/16 PDF File
Gold ion parameters for the 2015 PP-on-Au setup in ... AD BNL-108531-2015-TECH Gardner, C
08/25/15 10/14/15 PDF File
Polarized proton parameters for the 2015 PP-on-Au ... AD BNL-108532-2015-TECH Gardner, C
08/25/15 10/14/15 PDF File
RHIC operation with asymmetric collisions in 2015 AD BNL-108367-2015-TECH Liu, C
Aschenauer, C.; Atoian, G.; Blaskiewicz, M.; Brown ...
08/07/15 08/31/15 PDF File
Attempt to accelerate asymmetric species with uneq ... AD BNL-108493-2015-TECH Liu, C
Luo, Y.; Marusic, A.; Minty, M.; Robert-Demolaize, ...
07/09/15 10/06/15 PDF File
The optics of the low energy FFAG cell of the eRHI ... AD BNL-108180-2015-TECH Tsoupas, N
Brooks, S.; Jain, A.; Meot, F.; Mahler, G.; Ptitsy ...
07/02/15 07/06/15 PDF File
SimTrack: a compact c++ library for particle orbit ... AD BNL-108393-2015-TECH Luo, Y
06/24/15 09/09/15 PDF File
Beam-beam observations in the Relativistic Heavy I ... AD BNL-108394-2015-TECH Luo, Y
Fischer, W.; White, S.
06/24/15 09/09/15 PDF File
Exploring a possible origin of a 14 deg y-normal s ... AD BNL-108184-2015-TECH Meot, F
Huang, H.
06/15/15 07/07/15 PDF File
Requirements for CEC POP machine protection system ... AD BNL-107545-2015-TECH Pinayev, I
02/18/15 02/20/15 PDF File
Booster double harmonic setup notes AD BNL-107525-2015-TECH Gardner, C
02/17/15 02/17/15 PDF File
Ion emittance growth due to focusing modulation fr ... AD BNL-107540-2015-TECH Wang, G
02/17/15 02/20/15 PDF File
Online orbit fit at RHIC - A tutorial AD BNL-107503-2015-TECH Minty, M
02/05/15 02/05/15 PDF File
RHIC prefire protection masks AD BNL-107380-2015-TECH Drees, A
Biscardi, C.; Curcio, T.; Gassner, D. DeMonte, V.; ...
01/07/15 01/14/15 PDF File
Preparations for p-Au run in 2015 AD BNL-107377-2015-TECH Liu, C
12/31/14 01/13/15 PDF File
A white paper: The Cornell-BNL FFAG-ERL Test Accel ... AD BNL-114504-2017-TECH Ben-Zvi, I
Berg, S.; Blaskiewicz, M.; Brooks, S.; Brown, K.; ...
12/16/14 11/01/17 PDF File
9-D polarized proton transport in the MEIC 'figure ... AD BNL-107019-2014-TECH Meot, F
Morozov, V.S.
10/24/14 10/28/14 PDF File
RHIC Au beam in Run 2014 AD BNL-106257-2014-TECH Zhang, S
09/15/14 10/15/14 PDF File
Comments on Injector Proton Beam Study in Run 2014 ... AD BNL-106264-2014-TECH Zhang, S
09/15/14 10/15/14 PDF File
Optics measurement and correction during beam acce ... AD BNL-106065-2014-TECH Liu, C
Marusic, A.; Minty, M.
09/09/14 09/10/14 PDF File
Simulations of Merging Helion Bunches on the AGS I ... AD BNL-106028-2014-TECH Gardner, C
08/29/14 09/04/14 PDF File
Comparison of the Window-Frame RHIC-abort kicker w ... AD BNL-106006-2014-TECH Tsoupas, N
Hahn, H.; Meng, W.; Severance, M.; McMahan, B.
08/26/14 08/28/14 PDF File
Longitudinal emittance measurements in the Booster ... AD BNL-105988-2014-TECH Zeno, K
08/18/14 08/22/14 PDF File
FY2014 Parameters for Helions and Gold Ions in Boo ... AD BNL-106027-2014-TECH Gardner, C
08/15/14 09/04/14 PDF File
Analysis of failed ramps during the RHIC FY09 run AD BNL-105969-2014-TECH Minty, M
08/15/14 08/18/14 PDF File
Absolute beam emittance measurements at RHIC using ... AD BNL-105970-2014-TECH Minty, M
Connolly, R,; Liu, C.; Summers, T.; Tepikian, S.
08/15/14 08/18/14 PDF File
FY2014 Parameters for Gold Ions in Booster, AGS, a ... AD BNL-106026-2014-TECH Gardner, C
07/30/14 09/04/14 PDF File
Optics solutions for pp operation with electron le ... AD BNL-105550-2014-TECH White, S
Fischer, W.; Luo, Y.
07/12/14 07/15/14 PDF File
RHIC Abort Kicker Prefire Report AD BNL-105539-2014-TECH Tan, Y
Perlstein, S.
07/07/14 07/14/14 PDF File
Experience with OpenMP for MADX-SC AD BNL-105538-2014-TECH D Imperio, N
Montag, C.; Yu, K.; Kapin, V.; McIntosh, E.; Rensh ...
07/01/14 07/14/14 PDF File
Parameter choices for a muon recirculating linear ... AD BNL-105417-2014-TECH Berg, J
06/19/14 06/24/14 PDF File
p-Au ramp test AD BNL-105549-2014-TECH Montag, C
Blaskiewicz, M.; Schoefer, V.; Blackler, I.; Marus ...
06/10/14 07/15/14 PDF File
Double Quarter Wave Crab Cavity Field Profile Anal ... AD BNL-105949-2014-TECH Marques, C
Xiao, B.P.; Belomestnykh, S.
06/01/14 08/07/14 PDF File
The influence of longitudinal space charge fields ... AD BNL-105410-2014-TECH Wang, G
Blaskiewicz, M.; Litvinenko, V.N.
05/21/14 06/24/14 PDF File
Transverse impedance measurement in RHIC and the A ... AD BNL-105017-2014-TECH Biancacci, N
Dutheil, Y.; Liu, C.; Mernick, M.; Minty, M.; Whit ...
05/12/14 05/12/14 PDF File
On compensating tune spread induced by space charg ... AD BNL-105047-2014-TECH Litvinenko, V
Wang, G.
05/09/14 05/16/14 PDF File
The AGS Ggamma Meter and Calibrating the Gauss Clo ... AD BNL-104396-2014-TECH Ahrens, L
03/31/14 03/31/14 PDF File
Vortex stabilized electron beam compressed fusion ... AD BNL-104384-2014-TECH Hershcovitch, A
03/19/14 03/25/14 PDF File
A precise in situ calibration of the RHIC H-Jet p ... AD BNL-104363-2014-TECH Poblaguev, A
03/05/14 03/24/14 PDF File
Details and justifications for the MAP concept spe ... AD BNL-105415-2014-TECH Berg, J
02/28/14 06/24/14 PDF File
Simulations of Gaussian electron guns for RHIC ele ... AD BNL-104383-2014-TECH Pikin, A
02/28/14 03/25/14 PDF File
Simulation of Statistical Fluctuations in the Spin ... AD BNL-104379-2014-TECH Poblaguev, A
02/25/14 03/25/14 PDF File
Waveform dependence on signal amplitude in the RH ... AD BNL-104366-2014-TECH Poblaguev, A
02/25/14 03/24/14 PDF File