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RHIC orbit response analysis with LOCO Run 12 AD BNL-100574-2013-TECH Summers, T
Kewisch, J.
03/21/13 03/21/13 PDF File
On the FEL gain limit AD BNL-100580-2013-TECH Litvinenko, V
03/25/13 03/25/13 PDF File
Projections of potential luminosity improvement fo ... AD BNL-100652-2013-TECH Fedotov, A
04/01/13 04/05/13 PDF File
Beam-beam observations in RHIC AD BNL-100754-2013-TECH Luo, Y
Fischer, W.
04/18/13 04/26/13 PDF File
An online application to measure the dispersion fu ... AD BNL-100848-2013-TECH Tsoupas, N
Huang, H.; Meot, F.; Morris, J.; Nemesure, S.
05/10/13 05/10/13 PDF File
Local shielding requirements for the STAR detector ... AD BNL-101389-2014-TECH Stevens, A
06/01/92 01/24/14 PDF File
Estimation of the radiation environment near the i ... AD BNL-101390-2014-TECH Stevens, A
10/01/93 01/24/14 PDF File
Estimated shielding requirements for the PHENIX de ... AD BNL-101391-2014-TECH Stevens, A
12/01/94 01/24/14 PDF File
Approximation for low energy dose through cracks i ... AD BNL-101392-2014-TECH Stevens, A
06/01/96 01/24/14 PDF File
Estimate of beam-gas background rates from upstrea ... AD BNL-101393-2014-TECH Stevens, A
09/01/96 01/24/14 PDF File
Estimate of dose through cracks in the STAR shield ... AD BNL-101394-2014-TECH Stevens, A
08/01/97 01/24/14 PDF File
BRAHMS shield wall calculations AD BNL-101395-2014-TECH Stevens, A
10/01/97 01/24/14 PDF File
Dose estimate for zero-degree calorimeters AD BNL-101396-2014-TECH Stevens, A
12/01/97 01/24/14 PDF File
Report Of Task Force For Relativistic Heavy Ion Ph ... AD BNL-101397-2014-TECH Ludlam, T
Schwarzschild, A.
08/30/83 01/24/14 PDF File
Summary Of The Physics Review Panel On Heavy Ion C ... AD BNL-101398-2014-TECH Barton, M
Gutbrod, H.; Ludlam, T.
01/04/83 01/24/14 PDF File
Very High Energy Probes Of The Quark-Gluon Plasma AD BNL-101399-2014-TECH Ludlam, T
Paige, F.
03/01/84 01/24/14 PDF File
RHIC And Quark Matter: A Proposed Heavy Ion Collid ... AD BNL-101400-2014-TECH Ludlam, T
06/01/84 01/24/14 PDF File
The Suite Of Detectors For RHIC AD BNL-101401-2014-TECH Willis, W
11/01/84 01/24/14 PDF File
Quark-Gluon Plasma And Relativistic Ion Collisions ... AD BNL-101402-2014-TECH Van Hove, L
11/01/84 01/24/14 PDF File
Experiments And Detectors For High Energy Heavy Io ... AD BNL-101403-2014-TECH Ludlam, T
10/22/85 01/24/14 PDF File
Some Comparisons Of HIJET With Data AD BNL-101404-2014-TECH Ludlam, T
02/24/86 01/24/14 PDF File
The Hydrogen Pellet Target AD BNL-101405-2014-TECH Trostell, B
07/07/86 01/24/14 PDF File
Detectors For High Energy Nuclear Collisions: Prob ... AD BNL-101406-2014-TECH Ludlam, T
07/09/86 01/24/14 PDF File
Dilepton Emission And The QCD Phase Transition In ... AD BNL-101407-2014-TECH Kajantie, K
Kapusta, J.; McLerran, L.; Mekjian, A.
06/01/86 01/24/14 PDF File
Transverse Flow Effects In Dilepton Emission AD BNL-101408-2014-TECH Kajantie, K
Kataja. M.; McLerran, L.; Ruuskanen, P.V.
08/01/86 01/24/14 PDF File
Strangeness Evolution In The Central Region Of A H ... AD BNL-101409-2014-TECH Kajantie, K
Kataja. M.; Ruuskanen, P.V.
08/01/86 01/24/14 PDF File
J/R Suppression By Quark-Gluon Plasma Formation AD BNL-101410-2014-TECH Matsui, T
Satz, H.
06/01/86 01/24/14 PDF File
Review Of High Energy Hadron-Nucleus Data AD BNL-101411-2014-TECH Lissauer, D
08/01/86 01/24/14 PDF File
Detector Issues For Relativistic Heavy Ion Experim ... AD BNL-101412-2014-TECH Gordon, H
04/01/86 01/24/14 PDF File
b Physics At RHIC AD BNL-101413-2014-TECH Paige, F
06/01/86 01/24/14 PDF File
Tau Electron Atoms At RHIC AD BNL-101414-2014-TECH Weiss, M
10/09/86 01/24/14 PDF File
Ultra-Relativistic Heavy-Ion Collisions And The Qu ... AD BNL-101415-2014-TECH Baym, G
11/06/86 01/24/14 PDF File
Remarks About Fields Of High Intensity AD BNL-101416-2014-TECH Teller, E
12/05/86 01/24/14 PDF File
Atomic Physics Aspects Of A Relativistic Nuclear C ... AD BNL-101417-2014-TECH Gould, H
11/01/84 01/24/14 PDF File
The Early Stage Of Ultra-Relativistic Heavy Ion Co ... AD BNL-101418-2014-TECH Blaizot, J
04/17/87 01/24/14 PDF File
GHEISHA Simulation Calculations Of Albedo AD BNL-101419-2014-TECH Gavron, A
03/01/87 01/24/14 PDF File
Detection of Jets with Calorimeters at Hadron Coll ... AD BNL-101420-2014-TECH Akesson, T
06/16/87 01/24/14 PDF File
The possibilty to correct the longitudinal injecti ... AD BNL-101421-2014-TECH Xu, J
03/01/93 01/24/14 PDF File
Longitudinal emittance growth in the presence of t ... AD BNL-101422-2014-TECH Deng, D
08/01/92 01/24/14 PDF File
Longitudinal emittance growth due to RF phase erro ... AD BNL-101423-2014-TECH Deng, D
11/01/92 01/24/14 PDF File
RF cycles in RHIC AD BNL-101424-2014-TECH Deng, D
01/01/93 01/24/14 PDF File
Parameters of an RF cycle for Au79+ and p AD BNL-101425-2014-TECH Deng, D
01/01/93 01/24/14 PDF File
Scanning of the interaction-point consequences for ... AD BNL-101426-2014-TECH Pirki, W
04/01/93 01/24/14 PDF File
Dynamic performance of the RHIC acceleration RF sy ... AD BNL-101427-2014-TECH Pirki, W
04/01/93 01/24/14 PDF File
PP collisions at different energies AD BNL-101428-2014-TECH Deng, D
07/01/93 01/24/14 PDF File
Shunt impedance measurements using the bead pertur ... AD BNL-101429-2014-TECH Quiery, C
Rose, J.; Ellerd, S.
07/01/93 01/24/14 PDF File
Simulation study of the longitudinal damper AD BNL-101430-2014-TECH Xu, J
03/01/93 01/24/14 PDF File
Longitudinal coupling impedance measurements of a ... AD BNL-101431-2014-TECH Ratti, A
07/01/93 01/24/14 PDF File
Computer tracking of RF phase noise effects on the ... AD BNL-101432-2014-TECH Pei, X
07/01/93 01/24/14 PDF File
Thermal analysis of RHIC PoP cavity AD BNL-101433-2014-TECH Vail, K
McKenzie-Wilson, R.B.
08/01/93 01/24/14 PDF File
Remnant field levels in the RHIC storage system du ... AD BNL-101434-2014-TECH Connolly, R
10/01/93 01/24/14 PDF File
RHIC RF phase noise with phae loop feedback AD BNL-101435-2014-TECH Pei, X
11/01/93 01/24/14 PDF File
Longitudinal emittance blowup during damping of in ... AD BNL-101436-2014-TECH Deng, D
01/01/93 01/24/14 PDF File
Gold beam longitudinal emittance limit at rebucket ... AD BNL-101437-2014-TECH Deng, D
01/01/94 01/24/14 PDF File
Remnant voltages in the RHIC storage system during ... AD BNL-101438-2014-TECH Connolly, R
Rose, J.
02/01/94 01/24/14 PDF File
Loop coupling analysis AD BNL-101439-2014-TECH Rose, J
Quiery, C.
07/01/94 01/24/14 PDF File
Damping longitudinal injection errors in RHIC AD BNL-101440-2014-TECH Raka, E
07/01/94 01/24/14 PDF File
The conceptual design of the RHIC RF system AD BNL-101441-2014-TECH Unknown
09/01/94 01/24/14 PDF File
Design and test of a phase shifter utilizing phas ... AD BNL-101442-2014-TECH Rosignoli, D
Rose, J.
10/01/94 01/24/14 PDF File
Notes on tuning the CERN HOM dampers AD BNL-101443-2014-TECH Connolly, R
Aspenleiter, J.
01/01/95 01/24/14 PDF File
HOM damper for RHIC 26.7 MHz accelerating system AD BNL-101444-2014-TECH Kwiatkowski, S
Brodowski, J.; Rose, J.
01/01/95 01/24/14 PDF File
26.7 MHz cavity mechanical tuner requirements AD BNL-101445-2014-TECH Rose, J
02/01/95 01/24/14 PDF File
Coupled bunch instabilities and implications for R ... AD BNL-101446-2014-TECH Rose, J
02/01/95 01/24/14 PDF File
Power amplifier for RHIC 26.7 MHz accelerating ca ... AD BNL-101447-2014-TECH Kwiatkowski, S
Brodowski, J.; Greco, J.; Pirkl,W.; Rose, J.
06/01/95 01/24/14 PDF File
Frequency budget for the PoP cavity AD BNL-101448-2014-TECH Ratti, A
07/01/95 01/24/14 PDF File
Design of the 28.15 MHz cavity for RHIC AD BNL-101449-2014-TECH Rose, J
Brodowski, J.; Deng, D.P.; Kwiatkoski, S.; Pirkl, ...
10/01/95 01/24/14 PDF File
The RHIC low level RF feedback loop design AD BNL-101450-2014-TECH Onillon, E
Brennan, J.M.
12/01/95 01/24/14 PDF File
Modifying the CERN SWC cavities and amplifiers for ... AD BNL-101451-2014-TECH Connolly, R
Aspenleiter, J.; Kwiatkowski, S.
02/01/96 01/24/14 PDF File
Analysis of beampipe transitions for the RHIC RF c ... AD BNL-101452-2014-TECH Kwiatkowski, S
Quiery, C.; Rose, J.
06/01/96 01/24/14 PDF File
Longitudinal stability in RHIC AD BNL-101453-2014-TECH Raka, E
09/01/96 01/24/14 PDF File
RF system noise considerations AD BNL-101454-2014-TECH Raka, E
06/01/97 01/24/14 PDF File
Longitudinal damping rates in RHIC AD BNL-101455-2014-TECH Raka, E
02/01/98 01/24/14 PDF File
Simulation of radiation damping in rings using ste ... AD BNL-101457-2013-TECH Meot, F
07/30/13 08/09/13 PDF File
Where are the AGS snakes? AD BNL-101458-2013-TECH Meot, F
Gupta, R.; Huang, H.; Tsoupas, N.
07/30/13 08/09/13 PDF File
TEAPOT-SPINK simulation of orbits and spin in C0S ... AD BNL-101459-2013-TECH Luccio, A
Malitsky, N.; Semertzidis, Y.; Stephenson, E.; Tal ...
07/31/13 08/09/13 PDF File
Helical Siberian Snakes AD BNL-101491-2014-TECH Courant, E
03/17/87 01/24/14 PDF File
Network and communication AD BNL-101492-2014-TECH Parsa, Z
04/01/87 01/24/14 PDF File
Information on IBM 3090 AD BNL-101493-2014-TECH Parsa, Z
05/01/87 01/24/14 PDF File
Guide to VAX, CDC, and IBM 3090 Third Edition AD BNL-101494-2014-TECH Parsa, Z
05/01/87 01/24/14 PDF File
AGS- Booster and RHIC lattices with racetrack AD BNL-101495-2014-TECH Parsa, Z
05/01/87 01/24/14 PDF File
Nonlinear effects and chromaticity studies for the ... AD BNL-101496-2014-TECH Parsa, Z
06/01/87 01/24/14 PDF File
Second floor order perturbation calculation in ene ... AD BNL-101497-2014-TECH Wei, J
Lee, S.Y.
06/01/87 01/24/14 PDF File
Accelerator physics colde comparison AD BNL-101498-2014-TECH Parsa, Z
10/01/87 01/24/14 PDF File
Comparison of accelerator codes for a RHIC lattice ... AD BNL-101499-2014-TECH Milutinovic, J
Ruggiero, A.G.
05/01/88 01/24/14 PDF File
The longitudinal coupling impedance of a toroidal ... AD BNL-101500-2014-TECH Ruggiero, A
05/01/88 01/24/14 PDF File
Beam position monitor AD BNL-101501-2014-TECH Di Massa, G
Ruggiero, A.G.
10/01/88 01/24/14 PDF File
Multipole expansion for the eddy current correctio ... AD BNL-101502-2014-TECH Lee, S
09/01/89 01/24/14 PDF File
On the radius of convergence for multipole expansi ... AD BNL-101503-2014-TECH Lee, S
10/01/89 01/24/14 PDF File
Analysis of effects of closed orbit errors, quadru ... AD BNL-101504-2014-TECH Milutinovic, J
Ruggiero, A.G.
11/01/89 01/24/14 PDF File
Estimate of the coupling impedance and individual ... AD BNL-101505-2014-TECH Ruggiero, A
01/01/90 01/24/14 PDF File
Particle Losses in RHIC Due to Intrabeam Scatterin ... AD BNL-101506-2014-TECH Rhodes-Brown, M
Claus, J.
01/01/90 01/24/14 PDF File
Space Charge Effects in the Low Energy Booster AD BNL-101507-2014-TECH Parzen, G
01/01/90 01/24/14 PDF File
Resonance Correction for the SSC-LEB AD BNL-101508-2014-TECH Tepikian, S
02/01/90 01/24/14 PDF File
Experimental Cooling of Bunched Beams in FNAL’s Ac ... AD BNL-101509-2014-TECH Claus, J
02/01/90 01/24/14 PDF File
Tracking Studies on a Lattice for the SSC Low Ener ... AD BNL-101510-2014-TECH Dell, G
04/01/90 01/24/14 PDF File
Parameterization of Transport and Period Matrices ... AD BNL-101511-2014-TECH Courant, E
07/01/90 01/24/14 PDF File
The BNL Heavy-Ion Beam Facility AD BNL-101512-2014-TECH Ruggiero, A
01/01/91 01/24/14 PDF File
Coherent Signals of the Bunched Beam at High Frequ ... AD BNL-101513-2014-TECH Wei, J
03/01/91 01/24/14 PDF File
Beta-Function Distortions Due to Linear Coupling AD BNL-101514-2014-TECH Garczynski, V
08/01/91 01/24/14 PDF File
The Tune Shift Due to Linear Coupling AD BNL-101515-2014-TECH Garczynski, V
08/01/91 01/24/14 PDF File