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Title Dept BNL Number Primary Author BNL Author Other Authors Publication Date Submittal Date
Spread Out Carbon Bragg Peak at NSRL AD BNL-225471-2024-TECH Inzalaco, David
04/02/24 04/04/24 PDF File
Muon Decay Study at NSRL AD BNL-224196-2023-TECH Gasparik, Jessica
Sivertz, M.
03/03/23 03/30/23 PDF File
NSRL Time of Flight Study using Carbon Ions at 120 ... AD BNL-223082-2022-TECH Sivertz, Michael
Rusek, A; Olsen, T; Gasparik, J.
05/31/22 06/14/22 PDF File
Measurements of Protons Behind a Polyethylene Shie ... AD BNL-221318-2021-TECH Rusek, Adam
04/20/09 04/20/21 PDF File
Tile Detector with Wavelength Shifting Fiber Reado ... AD BNL-221291-2021-TECH Rosselot, Rory Rusek, Adam
Sivertz, M.
02/06/18 04/12/21 PDF File
Sens-Tech XDAS Readout System AD BNL-221290-2021-TECH Chiang, I-Hung Jao, Stepen
Bartosz, F.
10/24/14 04/12/21 PDF File
Foil Cleaning for the SEC AD BNL-221289-2021-TECH Sivertz, Michael
03/10/14 04/12/21 PDF File
Secondary Emission Chamber Calibration with Scinti ... AD BNL-221288-2021-TECH Chiang, I-Hung Rusek, Adam
Sivertz, M.
06/21/12 04/12/21 PDF File
Beam Degrader Wheel for Gold Beams at NSRL AD BNL-221287-2021-TECH Fite, Jesse
Nemesure, S; Sivertz, M; Rusek, A.; Chiang, I-H.
11/01/10 04/12/21 PDF File
From Conducting Paint to Ion and Beam Profile Cham ... AD BNL-221286-2021-TECH Chiang, I-Hung Rusek, Adam
Ravenhall, D; Sivertz, M.
06/07/10 04/12/21 PDF File
Gold Beams at NSRL AD BNL-221285-2021-TECH Sivertz, Michael
Chiang, I-H; Rusek, A.
03/10/10 04/12/21 PDF File
Iron Beam Characterization Studies at NSRL AD BNL-221284-2021-TECH Sivertz, Michael
Chiang, I-H; Rusek, A.
02/22/10 04/12/21 PDF File
Development of the Pixel Chamber AD BNL-221283-2021-TECH Chiang, I-Hung Sivertz, Michael
Ottavio, D; Ravenhall, D; Bellavia, S.
07/14/09 04/12/21 PDF File
Radiation Levels in the NSRL Target Room AD BNL-221282-2021-TECH Sivertz, Michael
11/27/07 04/12/21 PDF File
ToF Results From Run 06C AD BNL-221281-2021-TECH Chiang, I-Hung Rusek, Adam
Sivertz, M.
09/15/06 04/12/21 PDF File
Time of Flight of NSRL Beams AD BNL-221280-2021-TECH Chiang, I-Hung Rusek, Adam
Sivertz, M.
10/18/05 04/12/21 PDF File
NSRL Beam Characterization Study AD BNL-221278-2021-TECH Chiang, I-Hung Rusek, Adam
Sivertz, M.
12/10/05 04/12/21 PDF File