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Magnetic Field Measurements for Fast-Changing Magn ... AM BNL-219092-2020-TECH Marone, A
Escallier, J;Ganetis, G;Louie, W;Marone, A;Thomas, ...
09/14/20 PDF File
Harmonic Coils AM BNL-218689-2020-TECH Jain, A
04/11/97 09/14/20 PDF File
Construction of Helical Magnets fro RHIC AM BNL-219097-2020-TECH Prodell, A
Kelly, E;Anerella, M;Escallier, J;Ganetis, G;Ghosh ...
04/01/99 09/14/20 PDF File
Tests and Measurements of the CESR Phase III Inter ... AM BNL-219155-2020-TECH Muratore, J
Welch, J;Codner, G;Dugan, G;Temnykh, A;Jain, A;Mur ...
06/18/01 09/14/20 PDF File
Superconducting Magnets for the International Acce ... AM BNL-219082-2020-TECH Moritz, G
12/20/02 09/14/20 PDF File
Investigation of Instability in High Jc Nb3Sn Stra ... AM BNL-219093-2020-TECH Cooley, L
Cooley, L;Moodenbaugh, A
01/13/05 09/14/20 PDF File
Magnetization Studies of High Jc Nb3Sn Strands AM BNL-219156-2020-TECH Cooley, L
Cooley, L;Moodenbaugh, A;Parrell, J;Field, M;Zhang ...
01/13/05 09/14/20 PDF File