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Measurement and simulation of the RHIC abort kicke ... AD BNL-90498-2009-TECH Abreu, N
Choi, E.
09/01/09 10/06/09 PDF File
Quench propagation in the HOM damper of the 56 MHz ... AD BNL-90495-2009-TECH Ben-Zvi, I
08/01/09 10/06/09 PDF File
RHIC low energy beam loss projections AD BNL-90496-2009-TECH Satogata, T
08/01/09 10/06/09 PDF File
Luminosity issues in 2009 100 GeV polarized proton ... AD BNL-90497-2009-TECH Zhang, S
08/01/09 10/06/09 PDF File
RHIC local orbit control and power supply resoluti ... AD BNL-90845-2009-TECH Satogata, T
12/01/09 12/10/09 PDF File
Compact, energy EFFICIENT neutron source: enabling ... AD BNL-90846-2009-TECH Hershcovitch, A
Roser, T.
12/01/09 12/10/09 PDF File
Emittance growth from electron beam modulation AD BNL-90847-2009-TECH Blaskiewicz, M
12/01/09 12/10/09 PDF File
R&D ERL: Magnet AD BNL-90929-2010-TECH Mahler, G
01/01/10 01/06/10 PDF File
R&D ERL: Diagnostics AD BNL-90925-2010-TECH Gassner, D
01/01/10 01/06/10 PDF File
R&D ERL: HOM Absorbers AD BNL-90923-2010-TECH Hahn, H
Ben-Zvi, I.; Calaga, R.; Hammons, L.; Litvinenko, ...
01/01/10 01/06/10 PDF File
R&D ERL: Beam Dump AD BNL-90932-2010-TECH Hershcovitch, A
01/01/10 01/06/10 PDF File
R&D ERL: Vacuum AD BNL-90922-2010-TECH Mapes, M
Smart, L.; Weiss, D.; Steszyn, A.; Todd, R.
01/01/10 01/06/10 PDF File
R&D ERL: Controls System AD BNL-90934-2010-TECH Hoff, L
Jamilkowski, J.
01/01/10 01/06/10 PDF File
R&D ERL: Photocathode Deposition and Transport Sys ... AD BNL-90928-2010-TECH Pate, D
Ben-Zvi, I.; Rao, T.; Burrill, R.; Todd, R.; Smedl ...
01/01/10 01/06/10 PDF File
R&D ERL: Power Supplies AD BNL-90927-2010-TECH Lambiase, R
01/01/10 01/06/10 PDF File
R&D ERL: SRF Electron Gun AD BNL-90933-2010-TECH Burrill, A
01/01/10 01/06/10 PDF File
R&D ERL: 5 Cell 704 MHz SRF Cavity AD BNL-90930-2010-TECH Burrill, A
01/01/10 01/06/10 PDF File
R&D ERL: Cryogenic System AD BNL-90924-2010-TECH Than, R
01/01/10 01/06/10 PDF File
R&D ERL: Machine Protection System AD BNL-90926-2010-TECH Altinbas, Z
01/01/10 01/06/10 PDF File
ERL R&D: Laser and Laser Light Transport AD BNL-90921-2010-TECH Sheehy, B
01/01/10 01/06/10 PDF File
R&D ERL: HTS Solenoid AD BNL-90931-2010-TECH Gupta, R
Muratore, J.; Plate, S.
01/01/10 01/06/10 PDF File
R&D ERL: Low level RF AD BNL-91003-2010-TECH Smith, K
01/15/10 01/26/10 PDF File
Building the RHIC tracking lattice model AD BNL-91005-2010-TECH Luo, Y
Fischer, W.; Tepikian, S.
01/27/10 01/27/10 PDF File
Sim Track User AD BNL-91006-2010-TECH Luo, Y
01/27/10 01/27/10 PDF File
Optimizing of the higher order mode dampers in the ... AD BNL-91007-2010-TECH Wu, Q
Ben-Zvi, I.
01/27/10 01/27/10 PDF File
R&D ERL: High power RF systems AD BNL-91004-2010-TECH Zaltsman, A
01/15/10 01/27/10 PDF File
R&D ERL: Beam dynamics, parameters, and physics to ... AD BNL-91035-2010-TECH Kayran, D
02/01/10 02/04/10 PDF File
R&D ERL: G5 test and commissioning plan AD BNL-91048-2010-TECH Kayran, D
Pozdeyev, E.
02/10/10 02/12/10 PDF File
Bunch length effects in the beam-beam compensation ... AD BNL-91114-2010-TECH Fischer, W
Luo, Y.; Montag, C.
02/25/10 03/01/10 PDF File
Acceleration of polarized protons in the AGS AD BNL-91116-2010-TECH Tsoupas, N
Ahrens, L.; Bai, M.; Brown, K.; Courant, E.; Glenn ...
02/25/10 03/01/10 PDF File
The AGS with four helical magnets AD BNL-91115-2010-TECH Tsoupas, N
Huang, H.; MacKay, W.W.; Roser, T.; Trbojevic, D.
02/25/10 03/01/10 PDF File
Calibration of the ERL cavity FPC and PU couplers AD BNL-91259-2010-TECH Hahn, H
Johnson, E.; Kayran, D.
04/05/10 04/05/10 PDF File
On the future of BNL user facilities AD BNL-93896-2010-TECH Ben-Zvi, I
08/01/10 08/13/10 PDF File
R&D ERL: Magnetic measurements of the ERL magnets AD BNL-93897-2010-TECH Jain, A
08/01/10 08/13/10 PDF File
High precision tune and coupling measurements and ... AD BNL-93902-2010-TECH Minty, M
Curcio, A.; Dawson, C.; Degen, C.; Luo, Y.; Marr, ...
08/01/10 08/13/10 PDF File
Notes on dumping gold beam in the AGS AD BNL-93898-2010-TECH Gardner, C
Ahrens, L.; Thieberger, P.
08/01/10 08/13/10 PDF File
FY10 parameters for the injection, acceleration, a ... AD BNL-93899-2010-TECH Gardner, C
08/01/10 08/13/10 PDF File
FY08 parameters for the injection, acceleration, a ... AD BNL-93900-2010-TECH Gardner, C
08/01/10 08/13/10 PDF File
Dynamic aperture calculation for the RHIC 2010 100 ... AD BNL-93905-2010-TECH Luo, Y
Brown, K.; Fischer, W.; Ptitsyn, V.; Roser, T.; Sc ...
08/01/10 08/16/10 PDF File
Simulation study of dynamic aperture with head-on ... AD BNL-93904-2010-TECH Luo, Y
Fischer, W.
08/01/10 08/16/10 PDF File
6-D weak-strong beam-beam simulation study of prot ... AD BNL-93906-2010-TECH Luo, Y
Fischer, W.
08/01/10 08/16/10 PDF File
Coupling effect on the proton optics from the elec ... AD BNL-93907-2010-TECH Luo, Y
Gu, X.; Fischer, W.
08/01/10 08/16/10 PDF File
Dynamic aperture calculation for 100 GeV Au-Au and ... AD BNL-93913-2010-TECH Gu, X
Luo, Y.; Fischer, W.
08/01/10 08/17/10 PDF File
Run-09 pC polarimeter analysis AD BNL-93914-2010-TECH Alekseev, I
Aschenauer, E.; Atoyan, G.; Bazilevsky, A.; Gill, ...
08/01/10 08/17/10 PDF File
Beam lifetime and emittance growth in RHIC under n ... AD BNL-94010-2010-TECH Trbojevic, D
09/01/10 09/03/10 PDF File
Low-energy run of Fermilab Electron coolers beam g ... AD BNL-94013-2010-TECH Prost, L
Shemyakin, A.; Kewisch, J.
08/27/10 09/07/10 PDF File
Multiturn injection of EBIS ions in booster AD BNL-94068-2010-TECH Gardner, C
09/01/10 09/21/10 PDF File
Analytical tools in accelerator physics AD BNL-94069-2010-TECH Litvinenko, V
09/01/10 09/21/10 PDF File
RHIC electron lens beam transport system design co ... AD BNL-94318-2010-TECH Gu, X
Pikin, A.; Okamura, M.; Fischer, W.; Luo, Y.; Gupt ...
10/01/10 10/28/10 PDF File
Orbit response matrix measurements for 10Hz global ... AD BNL-94316-2010-TECH Liu, C
Minty, M.
10/01/10 10/28/10 PDF File
Computational challenges for beam-beam simulation ... AD BNL-94317-2010-TECH Luo, Y
Fischer, W.
10/01/10 10/28/10 PDF File
Booster and AGS transverse emittance during the 20 ... AD BNL-94315-2010-TECH Zeno, K
09/01/10 10/28/10 PDF File
A simple crunching of the AGS AD BNL-94324-2010-TECH Ahrens, L
11/01/10 11/01/10 PDF File
Measurement of coupling resonance driving terms wi ... AD BNL-94350-2010-TECH Miyamoto, R
10/01/10 11/09/10 PDF File
Emittance measurements using Vernier Scans during ... AD BNL-94373-2010-TECH Drees, A
11/01/10 11/15/10 PDF File
Creating intense polarized electron beam via laser ... AD BNL-94483-2010-TECH Danilov, V
Gorlov, T.
12/01/10 12/10/10 PDF File
Copper coating specification for the RHIC arcs AD BNL-94482-2010-TECH Blaskiewicz, M
12/01/10 12/10/10 PDF File
Single pass electron beam cooling of gold ions bet ... AD BNL-94559-2011-TECH Hershcovitch, A
01/01/11 01/10/11 PDF File
Gatling gun: high average polarized current inject ... AD BNL-94596-2011-TECH Litvinenko, V
01/01/10 01/19/11 PDF File
Comparison of the dynamic apertures in the RHIC 10 ... AD BNL-94606-2011-TECH Luo, Y
Gu, X.; Fischer, W.; Trbojevic, D.
01/01/11 01/20/11 PDF File
Source of second order chromaticity in RHIC AD BNL-94605-2011-TECH Luo, Y
Gu, X.; Fischer, W.; Trbojevic, D.
01/01/11 01/20/11 PDF File
Multiple error data analysis for RHIC low-energy o ... AD BNL-94627-2011-TECH Montag, C
01/01/11 01/25/11 PDF File
Compare 100 GeV/n Au Run 2010 with Run 2007 AD BNL-94622-2011-TECH Zhang, S
01/01/11 01/25/11 PDF File
Energy upgrade as regards quench performance AD BNL-94637-2011-TECH MacKay, W
Tepikian, S.
01/01/11 01/31/11 PDF File
Effect of the electron lenses on the RHIC proton b ... AD BNL-94679-2011-TECH Gu, X
Luo, Y.; Pikin, A.; Okamura, M.; Fischer, W.; Mont ...
02/01/11 02/08/11 PDF File
The effects of realistic pancake solenoids on part ... AD BNL-94678-2011-TECH Gu, X
Okamura, M.; Pikin, A.; Fischer, W.; Luo, Y.
02/01/11 02/08/11 PDF File
The effects of phase advances between interaction ... AD BNL-95127-2011-TECH Luo, Y
Tepekian, S.; Fischer, W.; Gu, X.; Trbojevic, D.
03/01/11 05/03/11 PDF File
Study of a multi-beam accelerator driven thorium r ... AD BNL-95205-2011-TECH Ludewig, H
Aronson, A.
03/01/11 05/17/11 PDF File
Asymptotic behavior of 1D FEL dispersion integral ... AD BNL-96111-2011-TECH Wang, G
Litvinenko, V.L.; Webb, S.
07/21/11 07/21/11 PDF File
Higher-order mode analysis at the BNL Energy Recov ... AD BNL-96167-2011-TECH Johnson, E
Ben-Zvi, I.; Hahn, H.; Hammons, L.; Xu, W.
08/03/11 08/03/11 PDF File
Effect of 3D Polarization profiles on polarization ... AD BNL-96222-2011-TECH Fischer, W
Bazilevsky, A.
08/18/11 08/18/11 PDF File
Effects of liquid helium bubble formation in a sup ... AD BNL-96407-2011-TECH Chang, X
Wang, E.; Xin, T.
03/01/11 10/07/11 PDF File
Camera assembly design proposal for SRF cavity ima ... AD BNL-96411-2011-TECH Tuozzolo, S
10/10/11 10/10/11 PDF File
An optimized hadrontherapy installation based on m ... AD BNL-96409-2011-TECH Meot, F
Mori, Y.; Brebant, E.; Cappai, G.; Collot, J.; Mam ...
10/07/11 10/10/11 PDF File
Analysis and correction of vertical dispersion in ... AD BNL-96408-2011-TECH Liu, C
Minty, M.
09/14/11 10/10/11 PDF File
Measurement of groove features and dimensions of t ... AD BNL-96439-2011-TECH Hammons, L
Ke, M.
10/13/11 10/13/11 PDF File
Injection of large transverse emittance EBIS beams ... AD BNL-96442-2011-TECH Gardner, C
10/10/11 10/13/11 PDF File
Experience with low-energy gold-gold operations in ... AD BNL-96440-2011-TECH Montag, C
Satogata, T.; Ahrens, L.A.; Bai, M.; Beebe-Wang, J ...
10/07/11 10/13/11 PDF File
Re-visit local coupling correction in the interact ... AD BNL-96530-2011-TECH Luo, Y
Fischer, W.; Liu, C.; Marusic, A.; Minty, M.; Ptit ...
11/01/11 11/02/11 PDF File
Comments on momentum aperture of 100 GeV/n Au runs ... AD BNL-96528-2011-TECH Zhang, S
11/01/11 11/02/11 PDF File
An orbit fit program for localizing errors in RHIC ... AD BNL-96531-2011-TECH Liu, C
Minty, M.; Ptitsyn, V.
11/01/11 11/02/11 PDF File
A luminosity model of RHIC gold runs AD BNL-96529-2011-TECH Zhang, S
11/01/11 11/02/11 PDF File
Chromaticity of the lattice and beam stability in ... AD BNL-96817-2012-TECH Litvinenko, V
12/23/11 01/18/12 PDF File
Analysis of Vernier Scans during the PP2PP run in ... AD BNL-96818-2012-TECH Drees, A
12/13/11 01/18/12 PDF File
Upgrade scenario for the RHIC collimation system AD BNL-96825-2012-TECH Robert-Demolaize, G
Drees, A.
01/19/12 01/19/12 PDF File
Towards demonstration of electron cooling with bun ... AD BNL-96824-2012-TECH Fedotov, A
01/11/12 01/19/12 PDF File
High intensity protons in RHIC AD BNL-96819-2012-TECH Montag, C
Ahrens, L.; Blaskiewicz, M.; Brennan, J.M.; Drees, ...
01/05/12 01/19/12 PDF File
DX magnet requirements for p-Au operation AD BNL-96830-2012-TECH Tepikian, S
Trbojevic, D.
01/19/12 01/20/12 PDF File
Simulations of RF capture with barrier bucket in b ... AD BNL-96853-2012-TECH Gardner, C
01/23/12 01/26/12 PDF File
Analysis of AGS E880 polarimeter data at Ggamma = ... AD BNL-96885-2012-TECH Cadman, R
Krueger, K.; Spinka, H.; Underwood, D.
01/27/12 02/02/12 PDF File
Potential for luminosity improvement for low-energ ... AD BNL-96970-2012-TECH Fedotov, A
Blaskiewicz, M.
02/10/12 02/28/12 PDF File
Wake fields and energy spread for the ERHIC ERL AD BNL-96971-2012-TECH Fedotov, A
Kayran, D.
10/16/11 02/28/12 PDF File
Intra-beam scattering and its application to ERL AD BNL-96972-2012-TECH Fedotov, A
10/16/11 02/28/12 PDF File
Zgoubi-ing AGS : spin motion with snakes and jump- ... AD BNL-96974-2012-TECH Meot, F
Ahrens, L.; Glenn, J.; Huang, H.; Luccio, A.; MacK ...
10/01/09 02/28/12 PDF File
Spin tracking simulations in AGS based on ray-trac ... AD BNL-96973-2012-TECH Meot, F
Ahrens, L.; Glenn, J.; Huang, H.; Luccio, A.; MacK ...
09/01/09 02/28/12 PDF File
Analytic approximate radiation effects due to Brem ... AD BNL-97122-2012-TECH Ben-Zvi, I
02/01/12 03/29/12 PDF File
Configuration Manual Polarized Proton Collider at ... AD BNL-97226-2012-TECH Roser, T
Alekseev, I.; Allgower, C.; Bai, M.; Batygin, Y.; ...
01/01/06 04/19/12 PDF File
EBIS Au beam at RHIC AD BNL-98550-2012-TECH Zhang, S
09/04/12 09/12/12 PDF File
Simulations of merging and squeezing bunches in bo ... AD BNL-98551-2012-TECH Gardner, C
07/30/12 09/12/12 PDF File
Attempted transverse impedance measurement in RHIC ... AD BNL-98549-2012-TECH Blaskiewicz, M
Montag, C.
07/12/12 09/12/12 PDF File