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Bugs in UAL/TEAPOT Map for a Sector Bend AD BNL-105641-2014-TECH Abell, D
04/04/00 09/17/14 PDF File
Measurement and Simulation of the RHIC Abort Kicke ... AD BNL-99511-2013-TECH Abreu, N
Choi, E.; Hahn, H.
09/01/09 01/29/13 PDF File
Measurement and simulation of the RHIC abort kicke ... AD BNL-90498-2009-TECH Abreu, N
Choi, E.
09/01/09 10/06/09 PDF File
Measurement of HOMs in the RHIC RF Cavities AD BNL-99469-2013-TECH Abreu, N
Choi, E.M.
01/01/09 01/29/13 PDF File
Diffusion Simulation and Lifetime Calculation at R ... AD BNL-99495-2013-TECH Abreu, N
Fischer, W.; Luo, Y.; Robert-Demolaize, G.;
01/01/09 01/29/13 PDF File
Stochastic Boundary, Diffusion, Emittance Growth a ... AD BNL-99496-2013-TECH Abreu, N
Fischer, W.; Luo, Y.; Robert-Demolaize, G.
01/01/09 01/29/13 PDF File
Emittance growth with offset beam-beam collisions ... AD BNL-99434-2013-TECH Abreu, N
Fischer, W.
08/01/07 01/29/13 PDF File
Affect of Upstream FEB Magnets on AGS Beam Intensi ... AD BNL-103953-2014-TECH Adams, R
Blumberg, L.; Gill, E.
11/23/76 04/21/14 PDF File
Cottingham, J.G.; Davis, D.A.; Gottschalk, R.B.
09/29/72 08/27/14 PDF File
02/15/67 08/27/14 PDF File
03/11/66 08/27/14 PDF File
06/29/77 08/27/14 PDF File
06/28/77 08/27/14 PDF File
5 GeV/c spill into B line for Exp. 703 AD BNL-103957-2014-TECH Agoritsas, V
Blumberg, L.; Carroll, A.; Feltman, A.; Gill, E.; ...
01/18/77 04/21/14 PDF File
Lee, Y.Y.; Witkover, R.
01/13/77 08/27/14 PDF File
Balsamo, J.; Witkover, R.
01/22/76 08/27/14 PDF File
The AGS Ggamma Meter and Calibrating the Gauss Clo ... AD BNL-104396-2014-TECH Ahrens, L
03/31/14 03/31/14 PDF File
A Simple Crunching of the AGS bare machine ORM Dat ... AD BNL-99556-2013-TECH Ahrens, L
11/01/10 01/29/13 PDF File
A simple crunching of the AGS AD BNL-94324-2010-TECH Ahrens, L
11/01/10 11/01/10 PDF File
Booster-to-AGS Multiwires and an Evolution of the ... AD BNL-99462-2013-TECH Ahrens, L
07/01/08 01/29/13 PDF File
Beam Studies on the AGS Polarized Proton 2006 Extr ... AD BNL-99428-2013-TECH Ahrens, L
05/01/07 01/29/13 PDF File
A Test of the Refurbished Jump Targets in the AGS AD BNL-99402-2013-TECH Ahrens, L
Gassner, D.
08/01/06 01/29/13 PDF File
Booster Fault Study No. 16: Deuteron Beam on the B ... AD BNL-99266-2013-TECH Ahrens, L
Brown, K.A.; Gardner, C.J.
10/01/03 01/29/13 PDF File
Determination of the AGS Injection Kicker Strength ... AD BNL-99243-2013-TECH Ahrens, L
Gardner, C.J.
12/01/02 01/29/13 PDF File
Determining the Momentum of a Beam Accelerating in ... AD BNL-99232-2013-TECH Ahrens, L
Harvey, M.
08/01/02 01/29/13 PDF File
Calculation of the Mean Energy Loss in the BTA Str ... AD BNL-99229-2013-TECH Ahrens, L
Gardner, C.J.
07/01/02 01/29/13 PDF File
Experimental Study of Beam Parameters Extracted fr ... AD BNL-99221-2013-TECH Ahrens, L
01/01/02 01/29/13 PDF File
Five Quenches during the 2000 RHIC Gold Run AD BNL-99185-2013-TECH Ahrens, L
11/01/00 01/29/13 PDF File
The RHIC Beam Dump Commissioning - Status Report AD BNL-99178-2013-TECH Ahrens, L
09/01/00 01/29/13 PDF File
Booster Fault Study (No. 13) for Generic Areas on ... AD BNL-104248-2014-TECH Ahrens, L
Boland, K.J.; Gardner, C.; Glenn, J.W.; Karns, C.V ...
07/13/00 05/20/14 PDF File
Further Studies of Coupled Injection in Booster AD BNL-104249-2014-TECH Ahrens, L
Gardner, C.; Zeno, K.
07/13/00 05/20/14 PDF File
Notes on Switching between Proton and gold Operati ... AD BNL-99170-2013-TECH Ahrens, L
Gardner, C.J.
04/01/00 01/29/13 PDF File
Silicon Intensity Dependence of BTA Profile Shape AD BNL-104246-2014-TECH Ahrens, L
Gardner, C.; Wei, J.; Zeno, K.; Zhang, S.Y.
12/06/99 05/20/14 PDF File
Beam Polarization and the Tuning of the Vertical H ... AD BNL-104889-2014-TECH Ahrens, L
04/20/99 08/27/14 PDF File
Anomalous Beam Motion in the TTB Line, and the Get ... AD BNL-104243-2014-TECH Ahrens, L
06/19/98 05/20/14 PDF File
Booster Vacuum Measurements for Gold Beam Injectio ... AD BNL-104242-2014-TECH Ahrens, L
Gardner, C.; Zhang, S.Y.
05/28/98 05/20/14 PDF File
Gold Beam Loss at the Booster AD BNL-104245-2014-TECH Ahrens, L
Zhang, S.Y.
04/28/98 05/20/14 PDF File
AGS Main Magnet Field Measurement using Polarized ... AD BNL-104240-2014-TECH Ahrens, L
11/01/97 05/20/14 PDF File
Scanning the New TTB Slits AD BNL-104239-2014-TECH Ahrens, L
Zhang, S.Y.; Benjamin, J.
10/25/97 05/20/14 PDF File
A Study of the Effect of Linear Coupling on the In ... AD BNL-104237-2014-TECH Ahrens, L
Gardner, C.
10/21/97 05/20/14 PDF File
A problem found with Low Momentum Multiple Bunch E ... AD BNL-104233-2014-TECH Ahrens, L
Roser, T.; Glenn, J.W.
07/18/97 05/20/14 PDF File
Calibration of the G-10 Loss Monitor AD BNL-104234-2014-TECH Ahrens, L
van Asselt. W.
07/08/97 05/20/14 PDF File
Is the Special Ejection (Cooling Water) System a M ... AD BNL-104876-2014-TECH Ahrens, L
03/11/97 08/27/14 PDF File
AGS PUE Geometry Factor and Normalization AD BNL-104875-2014-TECH Ahrens, L
03/05/97 08/27/14 PDF File
Gold Beam Survival on a Magnetic Porch at Booster ... AD BNL-104226-2014-TECH Ahrens, L
Zeno, K.
02/02/97 05/20/14 PDF File
Gold Injection into the Booster: Beam Survival as ... AD BNL-104225-2014-TECH Ahrens, L
01/24/97 05/20/14 PDF File
10/30/96 08/27/14 PDF File
Booster Loss Monitor Sensitivity AD BNL-104219-2014-TECH Ahrens, L
07/06/96 05/20/14 PDF File
BtA Losses 25 June 96 at 8PM AD BNL-104221-2014-TECH Ahrens, L
06/25/96 05/20/14 PDF File
AGS Loss Monitor System Response Measurement on th ... AD BNL-104220-2014-TECH Ahrens, L
Tamminga, B.
05/15/96 05/20/14 PDF File
AGS Extraction Radius Revisited -- Au77+ AD BNL-104211-2014-TECH Ahrens, L
12/18/95 05/20/14 PDF File
Measurement of the Sextupole String Center on the ... AD BNL-104204-2014-TECH Ahrens, L
Whalen, C.; Williams, N.; Tamminga, B.;
06/18/95 05/20/14 PDF File
Extraction and Transport of Protons to Emulate 1 G ... AD BNL-104210-2014-TECH Ahrens, L
Glenn, J.W.; Williams, N.
06/07/95 05/20/14 PDF File
Testing the New FEB Bumps AD BNL-104206-2014-TECH Ahrens, L
Dunbar, A.; Glenn, J.W.; Tanaka, M.
05/11/95 05/20/14 PDF File
AGS Working Points for AtR, MS I AD BNL-104191-2014-TECH Ahrens, L
Brown, K.A.; Gill, E.; van Asselt, W.; Tanaka, M.
10/12/94 05/20/14 PDF File
AGS Stopbands AD BNL-104188-2014-TECH Ahrens, L
Blaskiewicz, M.; Gardner, C.; van Asselt, W.
08/02/94 05/20/14 PDF File
Continued Search for the Source of the North Conju ... AD BNL-104189-2014-TECH Ahrens, L
Glenn, J.W.
07/12/94 05/20/14 PDF File
Signal Induced on the Booster Current Transformers ... AD BNL-104176-2014-TECH Ahrens, L
10/14/93 05/13/14 PDF File
Gold 77+ Extraction Momentum Measurement AD BNL-104179-2014-TECH Ahrens, L
van Asselt, W.
09/28/93 05/20/14 PDF File
Calibration of Booster Extraction Bumps AD BNL-104154-2014-TECH Ahrens, L
Bleser, E.; Tanaka, M.; Thern, R.
03/19/93 05/13/14 PDF File
Response of the Booster Loss Monitor System for Be ... AD BNL-104144-2014-TECH Ahrens, L
08/07/92 05/13/14 PDF File
Chromaticity Measurements in the AGS Booster AD BNL-104145-2014-TECH Ahrens, L
van Asselt, W.
07/09/92 05/13/14 PDF File
Orbits Produced by Individual Extraction Bump Magn ... AD BNL-104142-2014-TECH Ahrens, L
Blaskiewicz, M.; Bleser, E.
06/03/92 05/13/14 PDF File
Calibration ofÿ Booster Extraction Bump Magnets AD BNL-104143-2014-TECH Ahrens, L
Blaskiewicz, M.; Bleser, E.
06/03/92 05/13/14 PDF File
Calibration of Booster Extraction Bump Magnet Read ... AD BNL-104146-2014-TECH Ahrens, L
Blaskiewicz, M.; Bleser, E.
06/02/92 05/13/14 PDF File
Booster Extraction (F3) Kicker: Kick Measurement U ... AD BNL-104139-2014-TECH Ahrens, L
Blaskiewicz, M.; Zhang, A.
06/19/91 05/13/14 PDF File
Chromaticity Measurements at the AGS Booster AD BNL-104140-2014-TECH Ahrens, L
van Asselt, W.
06/19/91 05/13/14 PDF File
Exploring the VHF Cavity Parameter Space (1990) AD BNL-104137-2014-TECH Ahrens, L
Kats, J.; Reece, R.K.;
04/10/90 05/13/14 PDF File
Longitudinal Instability on 1.5 GeV (KE) Flattop AD BNL-104127-2014-TECH Ahrens, L
Glenn, J.W.; Gill, E.; Reece, R.K.; Raka, E.; van ...
04/12/89 05/13/14 PDF File
Gamma-Transition, Yet Again AD BNL-104116-2014-TECH Ahrens, L
Yamin, S.P.; Ratner, L.
05/18/88 05/13/14 PDF File
Measurement of the Equilibrium Orbit Distortion Pr ... AD BNL-104133-2014-TECH Ahrens, L
van Asselt, W.; Gardner, C.
04/22/88 05/13/14 PDF File
P Quad - E.O. Position. Measurementÿ II. AD BNL-104115-2014-TECH Ahrens, L
Ratner, L.
03/25/88 05/13/14 PDF File
Polarization Measurement Using the Internal Polari ... AD BNL-104113-2014-TECH Ahrens, L
01/22/88 05/13/14 PDF File
Moving Magnets to Cancel 9th Harmonic (Horizontal) ... AD BNL-104110-2014-TECH Ahrens, L
Auerbach, E.; Bleser, E.; Thern, R.; van Asselt, W ...
10/01/87 05/13/14 PDF File
Orbits at Various Tunes AD BNL-104111-2014-TECH Ahrens, L
Thern, R.; van Asselt, W.
10/01/87 05/13/14 PDF File
Polarized Proton Quad - E.O. Position Measurement AD BNL-104106-2014-TECH Ahrens, L
Ratner, L.
06/11/87 05/13/14 PDF File
Gamma-Transition Studies AD BNL-104104-2014-TECH Ahrens, L
Raka, E.; Ratner, L.
06/05/87 05/13/14 PDF File
Calibration of the Stripped Electron Collector--St ... AD BNL-104101-2014-TECH Ahrens, L
Castillo, V.; Reece, K.
03/02/87 05/13/14 PDF File
Polarized Proton Quad Positions I AD BNL-104094-2014-TECH Ahrens, L
Ratner, L.
12/18/86 05/13/14 PDF File
Orbit Changes from Moving Magnets E17 and K15 AD BNL-104093-2014-TECH Ahrens, L
Bleser, E.; Gill, E.; Tanaka, M.; Thern, R.
12/11/86 05/13/14 PDF File
A ?t-Jump Scheme for the Brookhaven AGS AD BNL-104683-2014-TECH Ahrens, L
Auerbach, E.; Hardt, W.; Raka, E.; Ratner, L.; Yam ...
09/26/86 08/27/14 PDF File
Transition Jump Using ? ? Produced by the Polarize ... AD BNL-104084-2014-TECH Ahrens, L
Raka, E.; Ratner, L.; Yamin, S.P.
07/11/86 05/13/14 PDF File
Measurement of Chromaticities and Eddy Current Eff ... AD BNL-104082-2014-TECH Ahrens, L
van Asselt, W.
06/14/86 05/13/14 PDF File
Measurement of the Influence of the á- quads AD BNL-104083-2014-TECH Ahrens, L
Gardner, C.; Tanaka, M.; van Asselt, W.
05/01/86 05/13/14 PDF File
Study of the AGS Tune Control, Especially at Extra ... AD BNL-104080-2014-TECH Ahrens, L
van Asselt, W.
03/19/86 05/05/14 PDF File
Dependence of the Frequency on the Radius at Extra ... AD BNL-104078-2014-TECH Ahrens, L
Bleser, E.; Brown, K.A.; Glenn, J.W.; Tanaka, M.; ...
03/12/86 05/05/14 PDF File
Polarization and Radius AD BNL-104074-2014-TECH Ahrens, L
Ratner, L.
01/10/86 05/05/14 PDF File
Tune and Chromaticity Correction AD BNL-104076-2014-TECH Ahrens, L
van Asselt, W.
11/17/85 05/05/14 PDF File
To Study problems associated with maintaining circ ... AD BNL-104077-2014-TECH Ahrens, L
Gabusi, J.; van Asselt, W.
11/16/85 05/05/14 PDF File
Passing Transition with a Double Phase Jump AD BNL-104069-2014-TECH Ahrens, L
Gill, E.; Raka, E.
11/07/85 05/05/14 PDF File
Bunch Tearing, Initial Observations AD BNL-104066-2014-TECH Ahrens, L
van Asselt, W.; Brown, K.A.; Gill, E.; Glenn, J.W. ...
08/22/85 05/05/14 PDF File
Measurements of Chromaticity and Momentum Spread a ... AD BNL-104061-2014-TECH Ahrens, L
Gardner, K.
06/19/85 05/05/14 PDF File
Emittance Growth Due to Scattering by the Strippin ... AD BNL-104065-2014-TECH Ahrens, L
Barton, D.; Gardner, C.; Gill, E.; Potier, J.P.
05/29/85 05/05/14 PDF File
Tune Measurements of the AGS AD BNL-104059-2014-TECH Ahrens, L
Potier, J.P.; van Asselt, W.
05/15/85 05/05/14 PDF File
Calibration of the HEBT Steering Dipoles (ND431, N ... AD BNL-104060-2014-TECH Ahrens, L
Gardner, K.
05/06/85 05/05/14 PDF File
Injection Orbit Correction for Polarized Proton Ac ... AD BNL-104055-2014-TECH Ahrens, L
Ratner, L.G.; Skelly, J.
04/18/85 05/05/14 PDF File
Polarized Proton Fast Quad Tests AD BNL-104051-2014-TECH Ahrens, L
Ratner, L.G.
03/07/85 05/05/14 PDF File
Further Studies of the Fast Injection Bump and Com ... AD BNL-104054-2014-TECH Ahrens, L
Gardner, K.
02/27/85 05/05/14 PDF File
Further Studies of the Fast Injection Bump AD BNL-104049-2014-TECH Ahrens, L
Gardner, K.
01/18/85 05/05/14 PDF File
The Fast Injection Bump and Machine Tunes AD BNL-104048-2014-TECH Ahrens, L
Gardner, K.
01/08/85 05/05/14 PDF File