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The 2020 Low Energy Gold Run in the Injectors AD BNL-220777-2021-TECH Zeno, Keith
12/31/20 01/06/21 PDF File
Transformation of Spinors in Accelerators and Beam ... AD BNL-220734-2020-TECH Tsoupas, Nicholaos
Meot, F; Huang, H.
12/14/20 12/18/20 PDF File
Effects of coherent offset of velocity distributio ... AD BNL-220641-2020-TECH Seletskiy, Sergei
Fedotov, A.
11/16/20 11/16/20 PDF File
Dispersion effect on the cooling rates AD BNL-220549-2020-TECH Zhao, He
Blaskiewicz, M.
10/21/20 10/28/20 PDF File
Lowering the RHIC-Injection Lambertson Septum magn ... AD BNL-219928-2020-TECH Tsoupas, Nicholaos
Huang, H; Liu, C; Montag, C; Ptitsyn, V; Schoefer, ...
10/05/20 10/05/20 PDF File
Beam and Spin Optics Simulation Tutorials, Using Z ... AD BNL-219913-2020-TECH Meot, Francois
09/28/20 10/02/20 PDF File
Imperfection resonance crossing in the AGS Booster ... AD BNL-219848-2020-TECH Hock, Kiel
Meot, F; Huang, H; Tsoupas, N.
09/14/20 09/18/20 PDF File
Beam dynamics in non-magnetized electron cooler wi ... AD BNL-216225-2020-TECH Seletskiy, Sergei
Fedotov, A; Kayran, D.
05/06/20 07/30/20 PDF File
Some considerations about switching BPM channels AD BNL-213694-2020-TECH Seletskiy, Sergei
Hulsart, R; Michnoff, R; Thieberger, P.
02/27/20 03/03/20 PDF File
Preparation for the Beam Energy Scan II at RHIC in ... AD BNL-212463-2019-TECH Liu, Chuyu
Blackler, I; Blaskiewicz, M; Brown, K.A; Bruno, D; ...
11/12/19 12/19/19 PDF File
Effective ZDC cross section measurement during a d ... AD BNL-212462-2019-TECH Drees, Angelika
11/07/19 12/19/19 PDF File
The 2019 Gold Run in the Injectors AD BNL-212461-2019-TECH Zeno, Keith
11/06/19 12/19/19 PDF File
Cryogenic RF tests of US LARP DQW SPS-series cavit ... AD BNL-212469-2019-TECH Verdu-Andres, Silvia
Ben-Zvi, I; Xiao, B; Wu, Q; Calaga, R; Capatina, O ...
10/24/19 12/19/19 PDF File
3D Vlasov theory of the plasma cascade instability ... AD BNL-212258-2019-TECH Blaskiewicz, Michael
10/15/19 10/23/19 PDF File
Impedance optimization for EIC AD BNL-212482-2019-TECH Blednykh, Alexei
Blaskiewicz, M; Hetzel, C
09/18/19 12/23/19 PDF File
Spin simulations in eRHIC Wien filter AD BNL-212123-2019-TECH Meot, Francois
Wang, E.
09/18/19 09/20/19 PDF File
Preservation of the distribution of beam particles ... AD BNL-212078-2019-TECH Gardner, Christopher
09/03/19 09/09/19 PDF File
Estimating longitudinal emittance near transition ... AD BNL-212077-2019-TECH Zeno, Keith
09/03/19 09/09/19 PDF File
The dipole corrector magnets for the FFAG beam lin ... AD BNL-212017-2019-TECH Tsoupas, Nicholaos
Berg, J.S; Brooks, S; Jain, A; Meot, F; Mahler, G; ...
08/21/19 08/23/19 PDF File
3D Fluid theory of the plasma cascade instability AD BNL-211960-2019-TECH Blaskiewicz, Michael
07/29/19 08/05/19 PDF File
FY2019 parameters for Gold ions in Booster, AGS, a ... AD BNL-211904-2019-TECH Gardner, Christopher
07/15/19 07/19/19 PDF File
Simple formula for surface roughness wakes AD BNL-211856-2019-TECH Blaskiewicz, Michael
07/01/19 07/09/19 PDF File
Notes on calculating various parameters of ions ci ... AD BNL-211903-2019-TECH Gardner, Christopher
06/03/19 07/19/19 PDF File
Estimates of radionuclide activity in irradiated r ... AD BNL-210939-2019-TECH Lessard, Edward
05/17/19 01/29/19 PDF File
Emittance growth generated by bunched beam electro ... AD BNL-211519-2019-TECH Blaskiewicz, Michael
Kewisch, J.
04/02/19 04/05/19 PDF File
Corrections to the elastic p p analyzing power par ... AD BNL-211360-2019-TECH Poblaguev, Andrei
03/04/19 03/07/19 PDF File
Notes on adjusting gold ion momentum in RHIC to op ... AD BNL-211244-2019-TECH Gardner, Christopher
02/01/19 02/04/19 PDF File
Dispersion and electron cooling AD BNL-210932-2019-TECH Blaskiewicz, Michael
01/24/19 01/28/19 PDF File
Activation of Th-232 target using FLUKA simulation ... AD BNL-210938-2019-TECH Kim, Dohyun
Benmerrouche, M.; Cutler, C.
01/24/19 01/29/19 PDF File
Improving the luminosity for Beam Energy Scan II a ... AD BNL-210861-2019-TECH Liu, Chuyu
Blaskiewicz, M.; Drees, K.A.; Fedotov, A.V.; Fisch ...
01/07/19 01/10/19 PDF File
CBETA Halbach magnet production run AD BNL-211701-2019-TECH Brooks, Stephen
11/28/18 05/21/19 PDF File
AGS Longitudinal emittance measurements for upcomi ... AD BNL-209430-2018-TECH Zeno, Keith
11/02/18 11/07/18 PDF File
An ergodic approach to polarization in eRHIC elect ... AD BNL-209351-2018-TECH Meot, Francois
10/26/18 10/29/18 PDF File
HOM induced energy spread and emittance growth in ... AD BNL-209168-2018-TECH Xiao, Binping
Blaskiewicz, M.
10/11/18 10/11/18 PDF File
Simulations for the LEReC fast closing valves AD BNL-209169-2018-TECH Xiao, Binping
10/11/18 10/11/18 PDF File
Combined function magnets in the RHIC electron sto ... AD BNL-209171-2018-TECH Montag, Christoph
Willeke, F.J.
10/10/18 10/11/18 PDF File
CBETA Beam position monitor system design and plan ... AD BNL-211679-2019-TECH Michnoff, Robert
Dobbins, J.; Hulsart, R.
10/02/18 05/16/19 PDF File
Vertex distribution with 9 MHz cavities and compar ... AD BNL-209167-2018-TECH Liu, Chuyu
Blaskiewicz, M.; Fedotov, A.; Fischer, W.
10/01/18 10/11/18 PDF File
CBETA Technical Report AD BNL-211697-2019-TECH Trbojevic, Dejan
Hoffstaetter, G; Brooks, S; Gulliford, C; Bartnik, ...
09/27/18 05/21/19 PDF File
Experimental study of the persistent current in RH ... AD BNL-209112-2018-TECH Liu, Chuyu
Bruno, D.; Marusic, A.; Thieberger, P.
09/26/18 09/28/18 PDF File
Run 18 in the Injectors AD BNL-209111-2018-TECH Zeno, Keith
09/24/18 09/28/18 PDF File
RHIC polarization for Runs 9-17 AD BNL-209057-2018-TECH Schmidke, William
09/19/18 09/19/18 PDF File
Overcoming proton and 3He intrinsic resonances in ... AD BNL-209028-2018-TECH Hock, Kiel
Meot, F.; Huang, H.; Tsoupas, N.; Zeno, K.; Tuozzo ...
09/05/18 09/07/18 PDF File
Bucket and bunch parameters for clean injection of ... AD BNL-207920-2018-TECH Gardner, Christopher
07/30/18 08/01/18 PDF File
Notes on the setup of Ruthenium and Zirconium ions ... AD BNL-207921-2018-TECH Gardner, Christopher
07/30/18 08/01/18 PDF File
Radiation limits for CBETA Halbach magnets AD BNL-211702-2019-TECH Brooks, Stephen
07/06/18 05/21/19 PDF File
Design report for eRHIC splitter cavities AD BNL-209318-2018-TECH Xin, Tianmu
Xiao, B.
07/02/18 10/22/18 PDF File
RHIC injection kicker measurement and emittance gr ... AD BNL-207810-2018-TECH Schoefer, Vincent
Dartiguenave, W.; Marr, G.; Mernik, K.; Shrey, T.; ...
06/29/18 06/29/18 PDF File
Niobium-coated copper cavities for the eRHIC crabb ... AD BNL-205810-2018-TECH Verdu-Andres, Silvia
Wu, Q.
06/22/18 06/25/18 PDF File
Algorithm to calculate off-plane magnetic field fr ... AD BNL-205737-2018-TECH Tsoupas, Nicholaos
Berg, J.S.; Brooks, S.; Meot, F.; Ptitsyn, V.; Trb ...
05/31/18 06/01/18 PDF File
Multi-alkalai photocathodes production for LEReC D ... AD BNL-205696-2018-TECH Wang, Erdong
Gaowei, M.; Fedotov, A.; Kayran, D.; Lehn, R.; Lia ...
05/21/18 05/21/18 PDF File
Development of a Regenerative Amplifier for the Co ... AD BNL-205695-2018-TECH Inacker-Mix, Patrick
05/11/18 05/21/18 PDF File
A state of the art current-septum dipole magnet AD BNL-203550-2018-TECH Tsoupas, Nicholaos
Brown, K.; Meot, F.; Pearson, C.; Pile, P.; Ptitsy ...
04/18/18 04/19/18 PDF File
On the effects of detector solenoids on n0 in RHIC ... AD BNL-203498-2018-TECH Meot, Francois
Aschenauer, E.C.; Huang, H.; Webb, J.C.;
04/06/18 04/06/18 PDF File
Emittance growth of accumulating proton beam in Bo ... AD BNL-203405-2018-TECH Gardner, Christopher
03/14/18 03/22/18 PDF File
Data directory for Halbach magnets AD BNL-209039-2018-TECH Brooks, Stephen
03/02/18 09/12/18 PDF File
Beam dynamics validation of the Halbach Technology ... AD BNL-203292-2018-TECH Meot, Francois
Tsoupas, N., Brooks, S., Trbojevic, D.
01/29/18 02/08/18 PDF File
Design of a modified Halbach magnet for the CBETA ... AD BNL-203599-2018-TECH Tsoupas, Nicholaos
Berg, J.S.; Brooks, S.; Mahler, G.; Meot, F.; Pegg ...
01/08/18 05/02/18 PDF File
Wake loss and energy spread factor of the LEReC Bo ... AD BNL-203601-2018-TECH Xiao, Binping
Blaskiewicz, M.; Fedotov, A.; Xin, T.
01/08/18 05/02/18 PDF File
Measurement of first magnet made with production m ... AD BNL-209038-2018-TECH Brooks, Stephen
12/21/17 09/12/18 PDF File
Comparing the effect on the AGS longitudinal emitt ... AD BNL-114862-2017-TECH Zeno, K
12/18/17 12/20/17 PDF File
Finalized configuration of magnetic shielding for ... AD BNL-114736-2017-TECH Seletskiy, S
De Monte, V.; Di Lieto, A.; Fedotov, A.; Mahler, G ...
11/20/17 11/21/17 PDF File
Measurement procedure for CBETA Halbach Magnets AD BNL-114555-2017-TECH Brooks, S
11/08/17 11/08/17 PDF File
Contributions to beam position measurement errors ... AD BNL-209036-2018-TECH Michnoff, Robert
Dobbins, J.; Hulsart, R.; Jusic, D.; Li, Y.
10/20/17 09/12/18 PDF File
Polarized e-bunch acceleration at Cornell RCS: Ten ... AD BNL-114452-2017-TECH Meot, F
Ptitsyn, V.; Ranjbar, V.; Rubin, D.
10/19/17 10/20/17 PDF File
An overview of Booster and AGS Polarized Proton Op ... AD BNL-114742-2017-TECH Zeno, K
10/11/17 11/27/17 PDF File
Luminosity geometric reduction factor from collidi ... AD BNL-114409-2017-TECH Verdu-Andres, S
09/29/17 10/03/17 PDF File
Re-visiting RHIC snakes: OPERA fields, n0 dance AD BNL-114379-2017-TECH Meot, F
Gupta, R.; Huang, H.; Ranjbar, V.; Robert-Demolaiz ...
09/22/17 09/28/17 PDF File
Intrinsic resonances and AC-dipole simulations of ... AD BNL-203600-2018-TECH Hock, Kiel
Meot, F.; Huang, H.; Tsoupas, N.
09/13/17 05/02/18 PDF File
Minimization of spin tune spread by matching dispe ... AD BNL-114288-2017-TECH Liu, C
Kewisch, J.; Huang, H.
08/31/17 09/06/17 PDF File
SRF cavity testing using a FPGA Self Excited Loop AD BNL-114286-2017-TECH Ben-Zvi, Ilan
08/30/17 09/06/17 PDF File
The use of BMAD in simulating transverse and longi ... AD BNL-114258-2017-TECH Lovelace III, H
08/28/17 08/29/17 PDF File
RHIC Spin flipper, fast-sweep efficiency simulatio ... AD BNL-114167-2017-TECH Meot, F
Huang, H.; Kewisch, J.; Oddo, P.; Robert-Demolaize ...
08/08/17 08/09/17 PDF File
Description of CBETA magnet tuning wire holders AD BNL-114553-2017-TECH Brooks, S
07/19/17 11/08/17 PDF File
Simulation of turn-by-turn passage of protons thro ... AD BNL-114066-2017-TECH Gardner, C
07/06/17 07/12/17 PDF File
eRHIC Beam Scrubbing AD BNL-114220-2017-TECH Zhang, S
06/22/17 08/22/17 PDF File
Transverse forces in the CBETA v6/v6.5 magnets AD BNL-114551-2017-TECH Brooks, S
06/16/17 11/08/17 PDF File
TM 4: Beam through the Main Linac Cryomodule AD BNL-114550-2017-TECH Bartnik, A
06/14/17 11/08/17 PDF File
CBETA Design Report AD BNL-114549-2017-TECH Hoffstaetter, G
Trbojevic, D.; Mayes, c.
06/08/17 11/07/17 PDF File
CBETA Design Report AD BNL-114548-2017-TECH Hoffstaetter, G
Trbojevic, D.; Mayes, C.
06/08/17 11/07/17 PDF File
TM 2: Assembly prototype girder AD BNL-114545-2017-TECH Brooks, S
Peggs, S.; Trbojevic, D.; Tuozzolo, J.
04/30/17 11/07/17 PDF File
The FFAG return loop for the CBETA Energy Recovery ... AD BNL-114546-2017-TECH Berg, J
04/28/17 11/07/17 PDF File
Summary of April 10, 2017 Lattice AD BNL-114547-2017-TECH Berg, J
04/28/17 11/07/17 PDF File
LEReC Machine Protection System AD BNL-113798-2017-TECH Seletskiy, S
Altinbas, Z.; Costanzo, M.; Fedotov, A.; Gassner, ...
04/14/17 04/17/17 PDF File
Transverse forces in the first girder magnets AD BNL-114544-2017-TECH Brooks, S
04/14/17 11/07/17 PDF File
Two design of the S4.BEN01 magnet for the CBETA sp ... AD BNL-113797-2017-TECH Tsoupas, N
Berg, S.; Meot, F.; Ptitsyn, V.; Trbojevic, D.; Tu ...
04/10/17 04/17/17 PDF File
Improving extraction efficiency of the third integ ... AD BNL-113708-2017-TECH Brown, K
Schoefer, V.; Tomizawa, M.
03/09/17 03/22/17 PDF File
Emittance growth due to multiple passes through H- ... AD BNL-113654-2017-TECH Gardner, C
03/02/17 03/06/17 PDF File
Error studies of Halbach Magnets AD BNL-114543-2017-TECH Brooks, S
03/02/17 11/07/17 PDF File
FFAG Cell Candidate February 2017 AD BNL-114541-2017-TECH Brooks, S
02/23/17 11/07/17 PDF File
Recombination monitor AD BNL-113601-2017-TECH Zhang, S
Blaskiewicz, M.
02/03/17 02/16/17 PDF File
Study of luminosity leveling with crossing angle f ... AD BNL-113507-2017-TECH Liu, C
Blackler, I.; Luo, Y.; Marusic, A.; Minty, M.; Ran ...
01/25/17 01/27/17 PDF File
Rematching AGS Booster synchrotron injection latti ... AD BNL-113508-2017-TECH Liu, C
Beebe-Wang, J.; Brown, K.; Gardner, C.; Huang, H.; ...
01/25/17 01/27/17 PDF File
Halbach Magnets for CBETA AD BNL-114540-2017-TECH Trbojevic, D
01/19/17 11/07/17 PDF File
Large amplitude motion in "BD v3 x3p9 y1p5 ... AD BNL-114539-2017-TECH Meot, F
01/14/17 11/07/17 PDF File
Survey Draft AD BNL-114528-2017-TECH Karl, F
Trbojevic, D.
01/12/17 11/03/17 PDF File
Magnet design for the splitter/combiner regions of ... AD BNL-114521-2017-TECH Crittendon, J
Burke, D.C.;,Fuentes, Y.L.P.; Mayes, C.E.; Smolens ...
01/06/17 11/03/17 PDF File
Spin resonance free electron ring injector AD BNL-203602-2018-TECH Ranjbar, Vahid
Blaskiewicz, M.; Meot, F.; Montag, C. Tepikian, S. ...
01/03/17 05/02/18 PDF File
Halbach Magnets for CBETA AD BNL-114527-2017-TECH Trbojevic, D
12/30/16 11/03/17 PDF File
Magnet and lattice specifications for the CBETA fi ... AD BNL-114507-2017-TECH Brooks, Stephen
12/29/16 11/02/17 PDF File